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  1. Tahmid

    Thanks, Peep Laja!
    I like your writing. This post helped me to optimize my pricing table!

  2. There is a huge mistake that most pricing structures make… not enough of a choice.
    I’m going to use Dropbox as the example here. If you look at their pricing structure, they have Free 2GB, then shoots all the way up to 100GB starting at $10 a month.
    Well, I need more than 2GB, but don’t need anywhere near 100GB. Let me have the option to choose exactly how much space I need on a per GB price basis. 15GB at $2.50 per month would do fine for me, but I can’t get it. Therefore, I’m sticking with the free option and then signing up for’s free option and Sugarsync’s free option as well. Dropbox lost a sale.

  3. Pricing Fanatic

    @Tim: I think Dropbox know’s what they are doing… but you make a good point.

    @Peep, I think a few of these pages have changed :) Love that you have the old ones ;) Maybe it’s time to compare the old to the new?

  4. marco

    Great post , very helpful!

    One thing I haven’t seen anywhere talking about is RESPONSIVE tables.

    Nowadays almost more than 50% is mobile traffic. When you view these tables on your mobile devices, it will be viewed one below the other and will not make any sense anymore most of the time. What is your opinion about this? What would be the best comparison layout for mobile devices?

  5. Omar

    Thanks Peep for sharing these insights on pricing. Very practical! I liked the part about playing on the pricing page. Good inspiration.

    I bundled all kinds of pricing strategies and tactics for startups in a new book.
    Check it out here:

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