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  1. Robert

    Awesome post about some habits which are already set in people’s minds (including me). I sometimes think I am in control of time since I worked as a freelancer. Actually, I am not, and I wasted lots of time on facebooking or so.

    I think the very first steps to cure these problems is to realize them and not to fool yourself. Thank you for pointing out such nice examples and experiences

  2. Great post for reading and learning from it, I like the writing style as well. And yes, it is very interesting how our mind works, often we use “magical thiking”, it is in our human nature. Tnx for posting and keep it up!

  3. Rahul

    Great article Ott Niggulis.

    I have also felth that brainstorming in groups- especially when people are not prepared- are a waste of time and effort. There are cases where it’s more productive as well.

    I once was in such a meeting and got an idea for promotion based on another participants comment. Everyone liked the suggestion and implemented it. Turns out, it was the most successful campaign we ever run.

    Celebrity endorsements are scams in my opinion. Especially the diet ones.

    1. Ott Niggulis

      Good to hear that you liked it ;)

      With brainstorming it can be the most powerful tool you can use for getting new ideas and projects running. Done wrong the results can be opposite.

      As far as endorsements go I agree – most of the time celebs just get money for it and don’t even use the product/service themselves.

  4. Conrad

    Very nice post. Thanks.
    The link to the “Pricing Experiments” post needs to be adjusted though: file:///C:/Users/bLind/Desktop/%3chttp:/
    is the current one …

  5. Samar

    This was a good read. There were few points which even I believed were true but after reading the explanations I am fully understand that I was wrong

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