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  1. Matt Fox

    Great article, Peep. I wrote about this a while back on my site. Ultimately, I created a quick calculator for you to understand how combining the 3 growth areas doesn’t increase linearly, it will exponentially add to the bottom line. If you’re interested the calculator (spreadsheet) can be found at:
    I hope I’m not out of line by adding the link. I think you’ll find it compliments what you wrote here. Anyone who wants to grow their business needs to understand how these 3 areas dynamically effect business revenue.

    1. Loz James

      Thanks for another great article Peep – and Matt Fox, that’s a great spreadsheet too – I’ve been looking for something like that for ages. Thanks guys :-)

    2. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      That’s a great resource, Matt!

    3. Matt Fox

      Thanks a lot. This is one of my favorite business subjects.
      You did an excellent job explaining it.

    4. Excellent article Peep!
      It is very useful for first time netpreneurs.
      Thanks for excellent resource Mark!

  2. Skylar Topham

    Ha ha I’ve never picked up on the Chipotle up sale of guacamole until now. I take’em up on the offer every time I go. Interesting. Thanks for all your great content Peep.

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Haha, they’re smooth over there at Chipotle!

  3. great article peep…
    very informative and actionable..

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Jay has certainly drawn attention to it, but it was preached also 100 yrs before him :) If we couldn’t write about things that have been written about before, nobody would write a single word. (+ most people have no idea who J.A. is)

  4. Richard

    This is a great article! Thanks for the info Peep! I really like how you present your point with examples (and images). I like the example about GoDaddy, you visit their site to buy a domain name and they try to sell you a website, an ssl certificate, all domain extensions for your domain name, a shopping cart and so much more. I always wonder if that doesn’t affect their sales.

  5. Jacqueline

    This is a fantastic, valuable article. Thank you.

  6. Really great article – I’m glad I found it. Even when working on websites is your career, you can forget or overlook some of these things. It’s important to always look to the leaders (Amazon, etc) to see what’s working for them and figure out if/how you can apply that in your own business.

  7. Uzi T

    Agreed – Companies often put all their efforts into “collecting” clients, while not investing enough in the offers themselves! the opportunities go to waste and then you wonder “but I have so many clients!”, why is my business not enough profitable?

  8. Deb Dulal Dey

    Please stop writing blog post. These posts make me believe that I am a nerd, dumb and knows nothing about SEO. Your posts are making me sick :(

    Awesome mate. Please do not stop. Hope your awesomeness will not stop here :)

  9. Damir Plejic

    Great article. So many good examples that go beyond obvious.
    I actually wrote about the concept on my blog (in Croatian) using Reach, Frequency and Yield as terms, but this article gives much better picture about the subject.

    The point I want to add here is that companies pay too much for the acquisition of new customers, usually through advertising, before fully exploiting, or even touching other two options. That eventually hurt total lifetime value of the customer and leads to the fail of the project.

  10. Flávio Maciel

    Great article!
    I just wouldn’t say that those are the ONLY three ways to increase online sales as I see there other two:
    – Increase desire: free shipping, discounts, trust seals, great products…
    – Reduce effort: less checkout steps, guest checkout, good usability…

    Both of them are ways of increasing sales that you all know and I believe wouldn’t fit in the 3 strategies above.


    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Hey Flavio

      The two ways you list are tactics that apply for three ways, but in the end they still increase the number of customers. It’s not a separate “way”.

    2. Flávio Maciel

      You are right. Sorry.
      Boosting conversions is part of getting more customers.

  11. Roz @ 411 Brand

    I think your point is absolutely valid – we tend to focus on getting new customers and completely neglect existing ones – huge mistake, I know. As many other things in (online) marketing it’s THAT simple. Yet, too few people ever think about it.

    I found the 60×60 part of the article invaluable, for I didn’t know the rules of upselling. I believe I now know better how to sell!

    Thank you!

  12. Mousumi Mahanti

    Great article but I think there are numerous other ways to increase online sale, anyways good job.

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Name one that doesnt fall under these 3 categories.

  13. Tahmid

    Hi, Peep Laja!
    Thank you very much. I have learn many thing from your post. I am new in online business and I hope your post will help me to bran my site!

  14. William

    Hi Peep Laja,

    First of all, Thanks for sharing such a great information.

    I found these tips very helpful. I had worked on following your tips and all are really great. I’d like to add one more point here which I experienced ..that is live communication with customers when they land on our website. This is possible by using live chat software. Its affordable and fast communication method. For the live chat, you can have Live2Support live chat on your website.

  15. Claire Georghiades

    I agree with your article, so much focus on online selling is put on increasing the number of customers. Some really great examples used here, I think that all businesses, even those who don’t have an e-commerce site can benefit from what you suggest. Thank you for posting!

  16. David Visco

    Fantastic information here. Thank you so much for providing your insights. One question – I own a sucessful niche B2B online store that we started 8 years ago. We’ve grown every year however competition is fierce and growth has slowed. All of your tips make perfect sense however I think only a few will resonate with B2B customers. Many of our buyers are employees and many tend to spend differently than if it was their own money. It seems to me that most of these strategies are focused more on B2C. For example, we have routinely found our customers do not use coupons regardless of how valuable they are. Same goes for upsells, BYGO, special savinggs, etc. Do you have any suggestions more focused on B2B?

    Thank you for your consideration

    Dave Visco
    The 5S Store

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Most B2C things apply to B2B as well. More than half the examples in this post are about B2B. Naturally each business is different and there is no one size fits all solution. If your site is, then you have a huge growth potential as your site is a very leaky bucket.

  17. ReenaMalhotra

    hi , I extremelly like the fundays, I sure wants to work on the above said article.

    Thank You
    Renna Malhotra

  18. Bnimbhal


    Thanks for the info, but I have a question, I am running a Job Portal. Now what should I do on my website so that employer will buy paid subscription or buy resume. Apart from this students can also view study material, so is this a good idea to make the study material paid.

    Waiting for reply.
    Thanks in advance

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