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  1. Audio Bible

    On the search results page, is it a good idea to put an add to cart button beside each of the products listing on that page?

    1. Tommy Walker

      It all depends on what you’re selling of course, but typically speaking, a person searching does have a much higher purchase intent.

      You’ve got to follow the data to see if it’s going to be right for you.

  2. Lewis LaLanne

    Everything here speaks directly to a saying that I’m truly fond of which is, “The meaning of communication is to NOT be misunderstood.”

    For us to have a site that is communicating with someone but not clearly answering the question of, “Here’s exactly how to find what you want…” is having a site that is misunderstood.

    We should count ourselves lucky Tommy to have you showing us how to get this function working so that it speaks to exactly what someone is wanting from us.

  3. Zach Shearer

    The quality of the articles posted here is amazing. Keep it up with the longform articles!

  4. Norm Miller

    Great post. I so agree about site search. Even those that make it easy to access, I frequently find their site search is still difficult to use. I admit my fingers often type faster then I can think, and I often misspell words. Like you pointed out, I often have to refine my search results. Granted most of the time it may be through my own fault, but at this point, there seams little reason why shopping sites shouldn’t be able to show me some results if I at least get close. Maybe I take Google for granted.

  5. agnieszka

    very usefull tips,
    I think simple page is better than large and complicated

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