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  1. Jerusalem Gifts

    Thank you Mark – Your clearly explained points and interestingly presented articles are a treasure trove for our team. I appreciate your blog and wish you much success in the year ahead.

  2. Shane Q

    Marko, what do you mean in the conclusion about preferring ratios over single metrics? Could you expand a bit or point me to another post?

    1. Marko Nemberg

      Hi Shane! Well, what I meant was not singling out a single metric as you will not see the big picture if you only concentrate on one or two of them. Whether you are concentrating on the conversion rate, bounce rate, amount of visitors etc. That is only one side of the business.

      Instead you need to look at how the entire company operates, not just the website. For example do you know just how much money you are spending in order to get a single purchase?

      User experience metrics give you an overview of just how well the entire company operates.

  3. pramod

    Thank you Marko, the article helped in understand UX in better way and were it should be implemented well .

  4. Stan Eigi

    Thanks for posting this. At least now I have some notion of what is this UX.

  5. mahan

    may help me about this:
    15 metrics for evaluate the systems or usability metric(except Completion Rate- Usability problems- Task time- Error)

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