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  1. Daniel Gonzalez

    This is an awesome post Peep. Really valuable ideas for questions here.

    When you do interviews with customers, how long do they typically last?

    Also, how do you screen for any kind of bias they might impose on the interview that can skew the learning from the interview?


    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Thanks Daniel.

      Average interview is ~20 to 30 min.

      Bias: you have to be careful about the way you ask questions and you should also be on alert yourself to detect any possible bias in their answers.

    2. Colin Bhimsen

      Some of the simplest questions impact the customer. Remember the customer is willing to purchase. The customer must have sufficient knowledge to avoid ‘returns’ and complaints.

  2. Simply Superb. These magic questions can be the the foundation stone for defining the customer experience in an ecommerce website

  3. Philip Mahler

    I would suggest using a third party for conducting the interviews.

    Even though you feel you can be a neutral interviewer, the person interviewed might not. They could anwer way differently knowing you are the owner or affiliated with the site.

  4. Dev Basu

    Brilliant post Peep. We’ve done customer interviews (specifically with inside sales teams) in the past and the way questions were worded mattered a lot in getting the right kind of answers. Aside from interviewing customers and looking at patterns, another way to solicit customer feedback is to use a tool like Qualaroo (formerly Kissmetrics).

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