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  1. Peep,

    I normally enjoy all of your articles. This article was very hard to read. Grammar mistakes and spelling. I am not the grammar police but this turns me (and most likely other readers) off.

    Keep up the good (well, not this one) work!

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Thanks for the feedback. Do you mean the transcription? I used a transcription service, copy-pasted the result without proof-reading. Can’t trust anyone, I guess.

    2. Peep,

      Yes, it was the transcription. I understand it was taken directly from the video and we all normally speak differently than how we type. Keep the great articles coming!

  2. John Ellett

    Thanks for the very timely advice. My book, The CMO Manifesto, will launch on Amazon mid-November. I plan to put some of these tips to immediate use.

  3. Jeremy Webb

    Some great advice on using Amazon’s tools for book promotion. Launchrock is a powerful additional tool for building a pre-launch mailing list – and it’s free :)


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