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  1. Wenzel

    I’m running websites since over 10 years, but just recently started a blog about all the knowledge I’ve acquired throughout the years and I have to say, that I have A LOT to learn. But articles like this one make it easy to learn a lot of stuff in one run.

    Going to implement a few of these things, once I release my eBook and the landing page for it.

    1. Tommy Walker

      That’s really awesome to hear Wenzel, can’t wait to hear how it goes for you :-)

  2. Janice Hostager

    Excellent article. I design a lot of landing pages for clients and I have always wondered about the significance of button color. Thanks for posting!

  3. I read an article the other that being direct with your cta copy can help conversion. Like blatantly telling users to CLICK HERE and use arrows and such. In terms of color I just go with what’s clean and pleasing to the eye. Really helpful article.

    1. Ott Niggulis

      Yeah, with copy it might work or might not. No substitute for testing still – let us now what you’re own testing reveals – could be something that we can use in future articles.
      Good case studies are always good ;)

  4. Dave Vranicar

    Great post, Ott. Very comprehensive and helpful. I have one question. At the beginning, you cited data from Wingify. But when I went to your links to find the source data, I landed on the Wingify home page. The data or the report from which the data came were nowhere in sight. Can you please cite the source more accurately? I’d like to read it. Thanks!

  5. Kvasnička Jan

    Hi Ott, i have the same question as Dave Vranicar. Can you please send here link to Wingify data? Thnx a lot and thnx for this post.

    1. Tommy Walker

      Hey Kvasnicka,

      This was actually early access data they provided us with and have not published it yet. However, I spoke with Paras, their founder, and I believe they will be publishing it this week.

      I’ll be sure to update the links as soon as they do :-)

  6. Linda Wild

    Another brilliant article – I am an avid fan.
    As a graphic designer creating marketing (and web design) for my clients this is soooo helpful.
    I am just a freelancer (mum) in a big ocean of competitors and my own homepage is a bit busy at the moment (June 2014)
    Hopefully with my limited resources (and help from my web developer accomplice) I can implement some of these things and make a difference. (New designs are in progress)

  7. Soluweb

    What a great article, just right to the point. No doubt its the best article we´ve read about CTA in a very long time. Thanks for sharing.

  8. John Romaine

    Peep, I love your work man, but these blog posts are far too long. You should consider splitting them up over 2 articles instead.

  9. Linda

    Great Article….very helpful…Thanks for sharing

  10. Excellent article Ott. Have you found any differences between paid & organic traffic, or do they all act similarly?

  11. Linda

    Great article thanks – I am in the process of changing to my site and call to action so this have very useful!

  12. Ricardo Zea

    This article is amazing.

    As a Web Designer I have to give you a HUGE Thank You! for understanding the role good design has on CRO.

    Now, I’m going to let Tim Ash (I’m sure some have heard of him) know this article exists after hearing him say in one of his conferences this low-level comment: “Graphic Designers are frustrated artists”. True story.

    Thanks again!

  13. Kirsten

    Hi Peep,

    I have become a fan of yours since seeing you on Page Fights with Oli G. I believe you very recently sent an email about updating your site…so having just happened to land here now via SERP results I wanted to give you a heads up that many of these image links are broken.


    1. Leho Kraav (ConversionXL)

      Kirsten, thanks for the heads up. This was a slight database migration and image regeneration glitch with the redesign launch. Large majority of the images should be back in action already.

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