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  1. JimenezJaime

    Hi Georgene

    Quick question, what is your take on Day Parting? I have always avoided using it, but saw it interesting that you included it here


    1. Georgene Nunn

      Hi Jamie!
      Dayparting is one of my favorite control elements in AdWords. By coordinating the hours of the day your business is open with the hours your Campaigns perform best, you can apply bid boosts to increase exposure during peak hours or turn off Campaigns during off hours.

      I recommend running hour of day reporting at least once a month, using your data from the last 30 days, on a Campaign level. From there you can decide if applying a schedule is right for each particular campaign.

      It’s also worth noting that in Bing/Yahoo, it’s less advanced, allowing for only blocks of time, rather than an hourly setting, so I’m less of a fan of using dayparting here. The best use of dayparting within Bing/Yahoo that I’ve come across so far is ensuring that ads aren’t running during the middle of the night, to save budget during hours that may not perform.

      I’m curious to know why you’ve avoided using it so far, care to talk more about that?

  2. Brady

    Wow ! This is incredible. I am in the process right now of rebuilding/expanding out a client’s PPC campaign and this will go a long way in helping find some diamonds in the rough. Thanks for this post!

  3. wine dine

    Thanks, will take a closer look at our other keywords!

  4. So you refer to cut off night buyers and loose some profit?

  5. طراحی سایت

    Very interesting to read. Research before you do anything. That’s also true for PPC campaign.

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