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  1. Oliver Stark

    What a goldmine…

    I didn’t understand that bit – what “control” refers to ?
    In the end, the approach that hinted at community converted around the same as the control, and the contest approach’s initial conversion rate was 5.6% – roughly double the amount as the control.

    Again, this article is pure gold, thanks so much.

    1. Oliver Stark

      Cool, didn’t know that, I’ll use the fact that I’m French as an excuse on this occasion ;)

  2. Vijay

    “..fear of getting real feedback?”

    In the early days of our business, above anything else, this was probably the biggest hurdle to overcome. Its a fear well worth getting over though because you can learn so much. Certainly wished we done it earlier. Will have to look at further segmenting the surveys as we only survey all buyers (first time or not) via e-mail and on-site exit surveys of non-buyers.

    One of interesting things I’ve found is that surveys prompt some unhappy buyers who wouldn’t otherwise contact you directly about major problems they had (like a defective product) even though you have other support channels like e-mail, live chat, phone numbers etc. Perhaps people feel safer to vent via a form?

    While this is only a small segment the great thing is that when you contact them they are delighted that you even acknowledged them let alone offer them a solution (refund, exchange etc.) and can end up going from a bitter, passive customer to a very happy one.

  3. John Romaine

    Looks like I’ll have to set aside some time to read this one Peep!

  4. Yassin

    One of the most important ways of getting feedback from your customers is getting on the phone with them or even handling customer service for a couple of days.

    Thx for the article !

  5. Any chance you can add a print-friendly version button? I print these out and share them with my staff. Thanks!

  6. Shannon Byrne

    Super helpful post, Ott. Thank you! You might also be interested in for gathering feedback and insights into your community’s interest without having to ask for it. Glad to provide more info or give yo a demo. Just let me know!

  7. Really helpful article. Tomorrow I start the tests. I wonder what will come of this. Thank you :)

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