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  1. marc manieri

    The value of this post was off the charts! I have tons of ideas and i really appreciate the thoroughness of this post.

    1. Ott Niggulis

      Glad that you found it helpful ;)

  2. I am constantly impressed with the high value content of this blog. Well done!

    1. Ott Niggulis

      Exactly – so far not many of them have been shut for breaking TOS but that could change very quickly indeed ;)

  3. Anyone know of an online service that can help run a sweepstakes?

    1. Ott Niggulis

      Try Wildfire or Woobox or Contest Domination – they should get you started.

  4. indu sharma

    how can i run my product on line

    1. Ott Niggulis

      Can you be more specific please?
      Thank you.

  5. Azzam

    Outstanding blog post.

    We did a competition last year via a sweepstake using woobox. It had moderate success, but I was unaware and did not think outside of the box for geo-location.


  6. Michael

    Thanks a lot for your Posts. Your blog is amazing, because your posts are always very detailed.

  7. Javier

    Great blog post. Very detailed and insightful.

    Are the cases described clients of yours? If not, how did you find the information related to the results? Maybe I can learn some tips on “finding great research info”.


  8. Sergio Gómez

    Excellent tips. It is important to have the right tools. I recommend you Trisocial ( ) they have an extensive suite of apps to customize the fanpages and to do contests and promotions. regards!

  9. Annika

    Subscribed and read the Uniquestay case study. It was not very clear though houw did you made sure those people are potential clients and I suppose a lot of the participating in the game where youngster that eventually unsubscribed. Depending on how much was spent on top of the prize and how many clients later were converted into sales it is not that clear if it was effective. But the brand awareness part seems to have been fulfilled for sure.

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