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  1. William Carr

    If you change a paragraph or two, this post could just as easily be about dating. Excellent info.

  2. Sal Stabler

    Great post Peep! I really enjoyed the article. An undeniable example of social proof is the success of Facebook. The entire user experience and massive growth is heavily based upon the principle of social proof. Even their new “Facebook Sponsored Stories” feature. The stories are only shared with friends you know and it appears at the top of all your friends feeds. When friends see the recommendation coming from another friend they are more likely to read it, comment, and share it. This is social proof in action!

    Thnx again, keep it coming!

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Thanks Sal!

      Indeed. And wall posts with tons of likes and comments attract more likes and comments.. and so on :)

  3. Michael Zipursky

    Peep – always enjoy reading your articles. Keep the good stuff coming ;)

  4. Lawrence Bernstein

    Hi Peep,

    This is my first time on your site — joined your email list as well.

    Fantastic extrapolation of Cialdini’s marketing classic.



  5. yassin

    Amazing posts peep,just like always. There is a lot to say about how to apply these principles to increase conversions.

    Adding to the “liking principle”:

    We know from neuroscience that whenever we are faced with a new situation/event or meeting someone for the first time our reptilian brain is alarmed to evaluate whether its a threatening event/person or friendly (in our case, landing on a new website). By quickly building rapport and showing empathy (through our value proposition/headline, our lead paragraph) we can open a window to start persuading the decision maker (the old brain) and start getting them to like us. It usually translates in low bounce rates on a page for new visitors.

    Looking forward for future posts peep.

    Make your day great

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Good insight. Definitely if we like the person selling us something, it’ll lower our guard and we’ll be more receptive to the message.

  6. Great Post as always Peep, I think this is the only blog where I check back every other day to see if there is something new, as I believe you don’t send out emails for each post you write. I get your email a week combining couple of posts and I find that different and a new approach to email marketing.
    I think social proof is most important, as it’s very comfortable to buy something you know other are buying. I think urban outfitters are doing an excellent job with this, they have a review tab with reviewers photos wearing the same product.
    Thanks for sharing..

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Thanks! Indeed, I send newsletters only once a week.

  7. @.l.interpretations

    Good stuff. I love Cialdini.

  8. Belinda Summers

    something great to learn here. These are called timeless business principles. They will always be effective. I will surely share this. I like the idea of RECIPROCITY. It only thought as not to be selfish marketers.

  9. Loz James

    Great post Peep

    Always find myself coming back here :-)

    For small businesses, one-person set-ups, or those without the authority/confidence yet in their sector – persuasion selling strategies online can be a daunting intangible – systems that are hard to set up and equally hard to measure.

    In that context, have you ever thought of releasing a step-by-step course of simple techniques businesses could use to increase their website conversions – especially now traffic is so precious with all the Google changes – just a thought?

    Good stuff as always and your book is excellent.



    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Thanks Loz!

      Indeed, a course is in the making;)

  10. Norman

    Would love to see examples of how to use scarcity when you’re only selling one product, such as an eBook. Great post and thank you.

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      You could
      * Sell it only until date X
      * Give limited bonuses to Y buyers
      * Give extras to people that buy before Z date
      .. and so on :)

  11. Lukáš Pítra

    Great book and some useful tips in the article :-) I’d also recommend reading Kahneman’s “Thinking fast and slow”, lots of insights into the way we think and act to be found there .. and used to improve our marketing efforts :-)

  12. Tomáš Baránek

    Dear Peep Laja, thank you for your great article. We are proud publishers of Czech translation of Cialdini’s “Influence” book ( and would like to ask you for permission for translating and publishing your post in Czech language – on our blog. Is it possible? Thanks!

  13. Peep,
    What a fantastic article. I just recently came across Cialdini’s book at the library, read it, and was blown away. It really changed my thinking about many situations, including conversion rates. I actually wrote myself a “6 Principles” assessment where I judged my website based on these principles! I’ve also been a follower of your blog for the last few months, so this post really clicked for me.

    I think it’s worth going into any situation (selling, dating, job interview, friendly debate) keeping the six principles of persuasion in mind. I have seen positive results in my own interactions with people. Thanks for an excellent post!

  14. Harshita

    A great blog with some great advice. Nice one

  15. chris brisson

    This guy have indirectly taught me more about marketing than I ever thought possible. If you want to get a serious education on the power of persuasion listen to his audio and buy his book YES! The case studies are unreal. All can be applied to your business for awesome results.

    GREAT post. Huge Cialdini fan.

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