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  1. Phil Polson

    Thanks Peep,

    Very informative as always. I have retweeted this blog and posted it on my LinkedIn profile.

  2. Jeremy Alger

    Great article. Thanks for taking the time to share you ideas.

  3. Veronica

    Hi Peep, thank you sharing this article with us. I do however think that there is an element missing which is the huge increase (Well in the handmade industry I’m in anyway) of the FB ‘comment SOLD on this post if you want this pictured item’ method of sales which I and others have used quite successfully as long as you have a large enough following on your page. My stats tell me that viewers are using mobile devices and this (‘comment sold’ method) is more convenient than following a link back to my website to buy the same item. It’s also the impulse and scarcity appeal that buyers like. You do have to use it carefully and not overdo it to ensure a good level of engagement. Veronica

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Hey Veronica. For sure there are always exceptions and business specifics – can’t address every possible scenario in one blog post :) Some products are insanely visual and sharing photos of the products on Facebook or Pinterest is definitely a good strategy to pursue + whatever activities around that.

  4. Jessica Sommer

    So very true! Yet clients continue to push for more & more social media use as a way to increase their sales…. ayayay!

  5. Barbara McKinney

    That’s true, having a social media presence means being “sociable”.It’s useless to have a social media presence when you are neglecting the people following you.Thanks for sharing this very informative article!

  6. Sabina

    Hi Peep. great advice. I own a small online handbag store and most of my orders come from Facebook traffic, I just make sure I target it well

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