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  1. Great post Jennifer. Will definitely share this with our copywriter. I am sure he will love what you’ve written.

    1. Thank you so much! Glad it was helpful.

  2. Siddharth Deswal

    Excellent post Jennifer, thanks so much for it. I loved your explanation about how to mine others’ great copy!

    1. Great! Check out that post on Kissmetrics by Joanna at Copyhackers too. As I said, she taught me. Learned from the best.

  3. Yvette

    Great article thank you, it’s fascinating to get into the mind of the customers needs and pain points! Loved the bit about mining reviews. I wanted to share on social media from iPad but it’s not easy to do so. Could you look at this as I love this blog and want to share direct from page but for now I’ll add the RSS feed to feedly. Thanks :-)

  4. Peter

    Thanks Jennifer, to further detail on reading peoples mind. I want to add that also going to forums and answers sites as quora can really deeping your insights as well.

    1. Great idea, Peter. Yes, sites like that can be really helpful too. Just look for real reviews from actual customers. Stay away from pro review sites as they aren’t coming from the voice of customer.

  5. Hashim Warren

    Jen, how do you avoid missing the hidden motivations customers don’t openly talk about online?

    1. It’s tough when what you’re working with is extracted from third party reviews. I think the point here is to give you a better place to start with your copy, especially when you don’t have any of your own customer research to draw on. This is where testing and reevaluating as your customer base grows is critical. Your copy will always be evolving, just like your site.

  6. frank harms

    This is one of the best most actionable articles I have read. Not only is the information incredibly helpful, you illustrate the power of the learn-teach-learn process.
    You learned from Johanna at copyhackers and passed on your learning (teaching) to others. I have learned from you and I am sharing this with everyone in our marketing organization.

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. Yes, it’s such a useful tool and worth sharing. Plus, it’s something that I’ve expanded on in my own business – finding unique ways to apply the concept when I’ve been faced with a project that isn’t straight forward. Let us know how it’s received.

  7. Aren’t words pizza and cake just easier to read than strengthening and heretofore?;)

    Except this study, I agree with everything. Very good article.

    1. Tommy Walker

      Haha, you’re right.

      I created the animation as an example of how fast 1/300th of a second is, not necessarily as an exact replica of the study cited.

  8. Lauryn Doll

    OMG this was the best article on creating copy – and even content – for an audience you don’t have an official scope of. I learned so much, and had so many AHA! moments taking in the points.

    I love the concept of data mining reviews and content from the audience to lift for copy-tweaking purposes. That should be “obvious,” considering my experience in writing, but it’s not. With that said, I’m mixing in a few ideas of my own and going to experiment with this for content development.

    Amazing- sharing this now.

    1. I’m so glad you found this helpful! It is a nifty tool, especially when you’re stuck and need to understand the customer’s needs and voice. Have fun with it.

  9. Andrew Healey

    Excellent post, Jennifer. Too often writers mine information from the client only. There’s no better way to really understand the “hot points” than to research what their clients are saying.

    1. Thank you so much. I’m really glad it resonated with you. I’m always looking for ways to create more effective copy.

  10. Elmarie Porthouse

    An excellent post with really good ideas to find copy that will convert. Thanks, Jennifer.

    1. You’re welcome. So glad you found it useful.

  11. Peter Kanayo

    Jen, so awesome and spot on. Wow leveraging customers review. I really love this. Going to use this on drafting a copy on a new site I hope to launch

  12. Hanna

    Really helpful post and excellent examples. It totally makes sense to look out for the “real language” people speak – and then use it effectively to adress their needs in words that they can relate to. Thanks for sharing!

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