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  1. April Dunford

    Great post!
    I think it is really hard for some companies (particularly on the B2B side where the sales cycles might be a bit more complex and take more time) to assess if they really have a product-market fit problem versus a marketing problem. In my opinion the best companies are doing customer discovery around both the product as well as the sales/marketing process – how to customers evaluate and buy, how do they measure value, what is our unique value in the minds of customers, etc.

    1. Tommy Walker

      And the real magic happens when you take all of that feedback and roll it back into the way you present the offer ;-)

  2. Michael

    Is there no obligation to the reader? Why not proof read the article prior to publishing. Because of the missing words, extra words and grammar errors, the article failed to build credibility. By the way, Pebble watch does not have a heart monitor built in.

    1. Tommy Walker

      Hey Michael,

      You know, after reading through it again, you’re right. I’m sorry I didn’t catch it all. I apologize. Normally that is something I watch for like a hawk, and I probably pushed this one out before it was ready.

      My wife and I had a new baby this month, and I really wanted to get this published & my editor eyes weren’t as on point as they normally are.

      And you’re right about pebble too, for some reason I was looking at the running app and thinking the heart-rate monitor was built in. However, if you have a bluetooth heartrate monitor, you can use Heartbeats, and it will display on the Pebble.

      Anyways, I genuinely do appreciate you keeping me on my toes, and will make sure I’m more diligent with the next one. Thanks for taking the time to go through :-)

    2. Doron

      That was a very gracious response to a pretty harsh comment. I thought that your article had a lot of credibility and great info. I just can’t imagine closing my mind to the info in the article because of some typos – some of the most brilliant people in the world make tons spelling and grammatical mistakes, and you did not make tons. Anyhow, thanks for the great article, and congrats on the baby (just had one myself)!

    3. Doron

      HA! I just noticed that I made a grammatical error in my comment, glad to know that I can still be brilliant despite leaving out a word! ;)

  3. Great article. I appreciate the length and detail on this topic. One thing that I think is important to keep in mind is that there are occasions when you are creating a new market. The same principles of the article apply, but it seems especially important to focus extra intently on the pain points people tell you about, but not the solutions. We are in this position at my company, creating a new market for obvious pain points but with a solution our target market didn’t know was possible. It’s harder, but definitely working. Remember the great Henry Ford quote, “If I asked people what they want, they would have said faster horses.”

  4. Jesse Quist

    Great Post Tommy, the challenge I am facing right now is how to properly craft questions prior to launch.

  5. Social John

    Hi interesting article, i specially like the conclusions part, thanks for a another great article.

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