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  1. Mary Green

    This is an amazing post. I’ve never thought to call CTAs microcopy or relate to them as such. Great job on sharing all of the examples. Must read for all inbound marketers.

    1. Tommy Walker

      Thanks Mary! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      It was amazing to me doing the research just how much influence these things could have, especially when I took certain microcopy phrases away. It really does make a huge difference, especially when you’re zeroing in on certain areas.

  2. Ryan Biddulph

    Power read Tommy! Note those action verbs make all the difference ;)

    1. Tommy Walker

      Thanks Ryan, it was really cool to start looking at all of these things under the microscope.

  3. It was interesting to see Yoast given as an example, if you checkout with Paypal then it adds VAT on, which is a slap in the face when it says there will be no additional costs…
    Not sure if it does that when paying direct via card, I did intend to go back and do that at some point.

    1. Tommy Walker


      I wonder if they even know about that. Perhaps they should have a different cart that’s targeted towards international buyers?

      Good thing to point out!

  4. S Emerson

    Some great ideas shared.

    Implimented a couple as we read this post. We have had some customers confused trying to use their credit card. Maybe the note about entering their information as it is on their statement will help.

    1. Tommy Walker

      Oh good!

      I hope that helps. To be sure, you should of course be testing it with a service like Optimizely, but please, be sure to let me know if it helps!

    2. S Emerson

      Thanks for the suggestion. Just tried it. Doesn’t work when you break out of frames. (wink)

  5. That is unbelievable that little tweaks can results thousands extra into your pocket..there is so much to learn…which wordpress plugin do you recommend for A/B testing?

  6. Kamil

    thanks for this post. I read and I am going to use it on my new website.

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