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  1. Chris


    What do you think of Dan Kennedy’s NO B.S. Pricing Strategies?


  2. Eric

    Thanks for the great stuff. I am a pricing strategist myself and I always tell my clients that: “Pricing optimization requires a real commitment”. I am always glad to see people experimenting…

  3. Wonderful share here, Peep. Pricing is something I’ve always struggled with as an entrepreneur and you’ve given me some great resources. I still can’t believe that raising prices just 1% would increase overall profits by 11%. That is incredible!

  4. Tom Howlett

    Some great posts there Peep. Just had a look at the pricing strategies post, some good info in there.

  5. Dylan

    Thanks for this collection Peep, I just pasted a link to it to a discussion on SEOMoz thread in LinkedIn where some of us are talking about the problem of being lowballed by competitors.

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      If somebody offers the *exact same* thing for a cheaper price, there’s little incentive to pay more. You need to communicate your value proposition better and make it clear why you’re worth the extra $$$.

  6. Hassaan Khan

    Peep, This looks amazing. I appreciate your effort! I am blogger and I know what it takes to research and make great content!

  7. Matt Antonino

    Just a few other hits for you. Will Critchlow gave me some pricing links that were AMAZING:

    I could give you double that but that’s probably more than plenty. Anyone doing freelance or agency pricing SHOULD look at the links on Love the links you gave above – about to go dig into the rest of them now.



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