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  1. Matt Antonino

    Just a few other hits for you. Will Critchlow gave me some pricing links that were AMAZING:

    I could give you double that but that’s probably more than plenty. Anyone doing freelance or agency pricing SHOULD look at the links on Love the links you gave above – about to go dig into the rest of them now.


    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Cheers, yeah I love patio11’s stuff.

  2. Hassaan Khan

    Peep, This looks amazing. I appreciate your effort! I am blogger and I know what it takes to research and make great content!

  3. Pedro Pereira

    Tks for the good information :)

  4. Dylan

    Thanks for this collection Peep, I just pasted a link to it to a discussion on SEOMoz thread in LinkedIn where some of us are talking about the problem of being lowballed by competitors.

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      If somebody offers the *exact same* thing for a cheaper price, there’s little incentive to pay more. You need to communicate your value proposition better and make it clear why you’re worth the extra $$$.

  5. Tom Howlett

    Some great posts there Peep. Just had a look at the pricing strategies post, some good info in there.

  6. Wonderful share here, Peep. Pricing is something I’ve always struggled with as an entrepreneur and you’ve given me some great resources. I still can’t believe that raising prices just 1% would increase overall profits by 11%. That is incredible!

  7. Eric

    Thanks for the great stuff. I am a pricing strategist myself and I always tell my clients that: “Pricing optimization requires a real commitment”. I am always glad to see people experimenting…

  8. Chris


    What do you think of Dan Kennedy’s NO B.S. Pricing Strategies?


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