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  1. Robert

    Typography provides additional features which provide quality to the text and layout. It will surely increase web view and provide quality user experience which leads to business growth.

  2. simon stratford

    Nice post Tommy but you lost me half way down the post. So Nielson was right?

    1. Great article. I read the whole thing and shared it. I guess it is one example that long articles do get shared. I assume it has to do with how interesting it is to the particular reader and their hence increased believe it is of interest to others too ;)

  3. Brent Walker

    –If you’re written content is going to be long-form, you better damn well be sure it’s readable & pleasing to the eyes.–

    Check that contraction. Proofreaders please.

  4. Greg Alder

    Love this. Informative, entertaining, well researched

  5. Andrea

    Hi Tommy,

    thank you for another great article. You didn´t lost me…

    One question… What about different devices? We held a phone closer to our eyes and more and more readers are reading (and bying) from mobile devices. How can we optimize for website and mobile devices at the same time? Aka – is there something in between which fits both? (And isn´t it D Bnonn?)

    1. Tommy Walker

      That’s a very good question & one that is up to the theme designer to build in.

      It’s a little more technical than I am able to grasp, honestly, but what it comes down to is a scaling ratio based on the display size.

      Chris Pearson of came up with a tool that helps with this.

      He also wrote an awesome oost on the subject, which, ironically enough, doesn’t scale for mobile :-p

      Hope that helps :-)

  6. Jeremiah

    Thanks, Tommy! This is a very well researched article – definitely something I can share with clients to convince them of the importance of typography.

    I have a typography resource called Typewolf that I’d like to share:

    Typewolf shows real examples of fonts in the wild and features lists of the most popular fonts in use on the web.

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