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  1. Shashi

    This is a top-notch post covering various use cases of negative keywords in AdWords. Negative keywords are not just to block irrelevant search traffic, but extremely effective to map a search query to the right keyword. Here, it has been amply demonstrated by using the cross-campaign and cross ad group negative keywords.

    The list of sources to identify completely irrelevant terms is very useful.

    I, personally, consider Search Terms Report (earlier known as Search Query Report) to be extremely useful to identify irrelevant terms. A regular (weekly or monthly, depending on the account size), review of search terms report is absolute must. Everyday, Google sees 15% search queries that it has never seen before. To effectively control the quality of traffic hitting your AdWords campaigns, Search Terms Report should be analyzed closely. A side benefit is that you might discover some new keyword opportunities which you can add to your campaigns.


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