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Welcome to the Ivy League of conversion rate optimization. Let the top conversion optimization minds teach you how to double your conversion rate in 23 days.

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Today’s top CRO experts have come together to teach you how to double your conversion rate in 23 days… step-by-step.

Conversion optimization is a process. This is the process you need to boost your conversion rate, increase revenue and grow faster.

In this 100% free email course, you’ll get field-tested, actionable advice from real practitioners. You’ll be able to take these insights and apply them directly to your business.

World Class Teachers

Brian Massey
Joanna Wiebe
Peep Laja
Craig Sullivan
Bart Schutz
David Kadavy
Michael Aagaard
Chris Mercer
Jen Havice
Yehoshua Coren
Talia Wolf
Justine Jordan

23 Days of Actionable CRO Insights

E-mail Topic Teacher
1 Intro to CRO Brian Massey
3 How to Write Copy That Sells Joanna Wiebe
5 Conversion-Centred Design David Kadavy
7 Using Psychology for CRO Bart Schutz
9 Intro to Emotional Persuasion Talia Wolf
11 How to Build a List and Send Emails That Convert Justine Jordan
13 How to Setup Analytics to Measure the Right Stuff Chris Mercer
15 How to Use Analytics to Find Insights Yehoshua Coren
17 How to Gather Qualitative Data for Insights Jen Havice
19 What to Test (Conversion Research) Michael Aagaard
21 How to Run Proper A/B Tests Craig Sullivan
23 How to Create a CRO Process Peep Laja