Analytics Implementation Services

Analytics Implementation Services

Not tracking data means missing out on key business insights. But making decisions based on false data? That’s even worse. Most analytics implementations we’ve seen are full of errors and many of them display  skewed or false data. Our services ensure you can finally trust your data.

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Analytics Audit

We check the configuration and accuracy of your current Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics implementation. Working closely with your team, we make sure all your KPI metrics and dimensions are tracked properly.* After assessing your analytics setup we dive into your tag management, behavior tracking and A/B testing solutions, too. Our goal is to make sure you have a strong and profit-oriented analytics toolset where everything is well-integrated and working without silos.

*90% of analytics configurations we come across are broken one way or another.

Analytics Implementation

Keeping the best business and security practices in mind, we do analytics setups from scratch or improve the system you already have. Besides the most important KPI-s, we make sure all the relevant user-actions and micro conversions are tracked accurately. We work with both Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics as well as a list of user behavior analysis tools (Hotjar etc.) and A/B testing platforms.

Reporting and Visualization

We analyze and combine various data sources, visualize this data and formulate business recommendations that support the continuous development of your website.

While Google Data Studio is our first recommendation for most businesses, we can also work with Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and other business intelligence platforms.

Combining the input from your team, our analysts, designers and developers, we build dashboards that are good not only for getting a quick overview but make a valuable asset in the whole analysis process.

Data Analyst

So, you are collecting a lot of interesting data and it’s time to start mining some actionable insights. What you need is a top-notch analytics expertise that is capable of working across different platforms and industries. Finding such people is both difficult and expensive, not to mention that the need for such expertise is often seasonal.

An experienced online analyst from CXL can join your project at any time. We have experience with most digital analytics, business intelligence and A/B testing platforms. This means that we can consult your team with any analytics hurdles you might have, or jump in and start working on a project directly.


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