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For your entire customer lifecycle:

Maximize your ecommerce
revenue with email marketing

If the key stages of your customer life-cycle are not supported by purchase oriented email programs you are losing revenue. Let us help you engineer emails that bring your leads and customers back to buy.

We do the research, create designs, advise you on
targeting with the following key email programs in ecommerce:

It starts with effective lead gen forms to maximize your site's list generation potential


Browse Abandonment program

Re-engage people who left your site without adding products to your cart.

Cart Abandonment program

Get leads to finalize their purchase.


Bounce Back program

Targeting your buyers on the day they bought to increase your Average order value.

One-Two Punch program

Targeting your one-time buyers to become repeat customers.

VIP Letters

Learn from and thank your top 20% customers


Sheepdog program

Your ex-VIP's who have started to buy less need to be brought back to buy again.

Customer Winback program

Targeting your lapsed customers who haven't bought for a while.

Three Levels of service to
match your business needs:


We benchmark, analyse and produce a step-by-step guide to improving your current e-mail setup

End deliverable

A strategic plan, delivered as a presentation and an accompanying PDF file


For those who need to have their e-mail systems built. We design your automated newsletters and consult or project manage your technical development.

End deliverable

Design screens for all necessary automated emails


For established businesses with a built e-mail strategy. We audit and benchmark your setup and start a 90-day testing program to increase the effectiveness of your current strategy.

End deliverable

We run at least 4 A/B tests a month on your current email setup, optimizing the performance of your existing system.

Get your FREE e-mail strategy session

One of our experts will discuss your sales goals and suggest strategies to double your sales from e-mail. Our e-mail optimization services are for ecommerce business whose monthly online revenue is higher than $1,000,000.

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