Edin Šabanović

Edin Šabanović is a senior CRO consultant working for Objeqt. At Objeqt, we help grow e-commerce stores by improving conversion rates using analytics, scientific research and A/B testing.

Edin is passionate about analytics and conversion rate optimization but for fun, he likes reading history books. If you liked this article, You can also follow Edin on Twitter.

Funnel Analysis: Finding and Fixing Conversion Problems with Google Analytics

The conversion funnel is the most important part of every e-Commerce website. It’s where the magic happens: visitors turn into customers, fulfilling the purpose of your website.

But sadly, as we know, not all visitors who put a product into their carts end up buying.

This is what’s known as a dropout or cart abandonment. The visitor initiates his journey through the conversion funnel, but he never completes it. Why?

Visitors do not complete their journey through the funnel for any number of reasons. Frequently, we have to guess at the reason for an abandoned cart.

But, using Google Analytics, we can locate where they quit.

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