Peep Laja

Peep Laja

Peep Laja the founder of CXL, a renowned conversion optimization champion. He was nominated as the most influential CRO expert in the world.

After running the CXL agency arm for 5 years, he started CXL Institute where data-driven marketers get trained.

Over the last 20 years Peep has worked in web development, marketing consulting, B2B sales, SEO & PPC and SaaS. His understanding of the whole customer journey

How Not to Minimize Cancellations [Rant]

If you run a subscription business, cancellations are part of the package. You need to focus on retention to win, but cancellations / churn happen no matter what.

You should minimize cancellations by improving your service and/or getting the right kind of people in the door. Not by making it harder to cancel. Keep reading »

Live Course: Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

Announcing our next live online course: Google Tag Manager Fundamentals with Chris Mercer.

Learn GTM to 10x your effectiveness as a marketer
by giving you power and control over your data measurement.

Our 4-week, 8 live class intensive training program will give you

  • A knowledge of how to use Google Tag Manager to deploy third party tracking scripts.
  • The power to set up tracking without having to rely on a developer.
  • A system you can immediately use to make sure all of your tags (HotJar, Optimizely, Mixpanel, etc.) stay organized.

The course starts January 24th.

Full info and enrollment here

PXL: A Better Way to Prioritize Your A/B Tests

If you’re doing it right, you probably have a large list of A/B testing ideas in your pipeline. Some good ones (data-backed or result of a careful analysis), some mediocre ideas, some that you don’t know how to evaluate.

We can’t test everything at once, and we all have a limited amount of traffic.

You should have a way to prioritize all these ideas in a way that gets you to test the highest potential ideas first. And the stupid stuff should never get tested to begin with.

How do we do that?

Keep reading »

This I Believe - 25 Thoughts for Life

Throughout his life, architect Bill Claudill wrote down notes on this and that, and organized those thoughts under the title This I Believe. When Tom Peters turned 60, he decided to scribble down 60 thoughts, one for each year – that seemed to capture his professional and personal journey.

I turn 36 in a couple of days (June 24). Much younger than the above named folks, but I decided to do the same. I wrote down 25 TIBs – things I believe to be true. Keep reading »

Announcing: ConversionXL Institute

We’ve been in this industry many years – doing optimization work, teaching, consulting. The core problems we’ve observed with the optimization people seem to still boil down to these things

  • Not knowing what to do in general (resulting in using random hacks and tactics)
  • Not knowing what to test (and testing silly things that make no difference instead)
  • Not sure how to find the time to improve skills (as everyone’s so busy and half-life of digital marketing is only ~2.5 yrs)

We thought long and hard about this, and created ConversionXL Institute to tackle these issues.! Keep reading »