Business Building

How To Calculate & Increase Customer Lifetime Value

That it costs 5-7x more to acquire a customer than it does to retain one isn’t entirely true.

The origins of this myth can be traced back to the 1980’s when the Technical Assistance Research Project published research that stated the cost of customer acquisition vs the cost of customer retention was significantly higher.

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Practical Advice For Growing Your Software Business w/ Lars Lofgren of KISSmetrics

When a business increases it’s webinar attendance by 1000% & net $40,000 in the first 3 sessions, you should probably listen to what they’re doing right. Keep reading »

Why You Need Business Development w/ Hunter Boyle of AWeber

Today, I was fortunate enough to get Hunter Boyle – Senior Business Development Director of AWeber to talk with us about what exactly business development is, and the role it can play on conversions.

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Book Marketing Lessons from Brian Massey

Two months ago I met up with Brian Massey, the Conversion Scientist, to talk about his new conversion optimization book Your Customer Creation Equation. Now we met again to discuss what he learned from marketing it. Keep reading »

32 Business and Life Lessons: What I Learned Running Companies on 4 Different Continents

This is my personal story of how I went from having a job I did not like at all, not knowing what to do with my life to building several successful businesses. I’ll share my lessons I picked up along the way. Keep reading »

The Key To Customer Loyalty

If you want to double your results, you can either double the number of visitors (very expensive), double the conversion rate (possible, but increasingly harder as there’s a max limit to your conversion rate) or double repeat purchases – loyalty. Keep reading »

Invent a new category, charge more

Somebody asked me the other day how can they charge more for their product. Like way more than people are used to paying for products in that category. The solution: create a new product category. Keep reading »

Pricing Experiments You Might Not Know, But Can Learn From

Lots of entrepreneurs struggle with pricing. How much to charge? It’s clear that the right price can make all the difference—too low and you miss out on profit; too high and you miss out on sales.

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What You Need to Know About Marketing and Strategy

Anyone can create a product. That is not the hard part. The hard part is selling the product. Keep reading »

How to Set Internet Marketing Goals and Objectives

One of the hardest things for any internet marketer is to figure out what to focus on. Keep reading »