Digital Analytics

Why You Shouldn't Trust the Conversion Rate in Google Analytics

The success of an online business is measured by various indicators.

The data required comes mostly from web analytics tools – the most popular being Google Analytics. But what if the tool isn’t reporting what people expect it to report? What if you can’t trust all of the metrics in GA?

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5 Things You're Measuring Incorrectly With Digital Analytics & What To Do About It

Watching the growth of digital analytics over the last several years has been both exciting and disturbing.

It’s been exciting because what was a once niche-activity has evolved into a serious, business-focused enterprise activity.

Disturbing, because many people & organizations want to compete on analytics, but are not doing the right things or adopting the right thinking about analytics.


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2 Google Analytics Segments & 1 Report To Help You Better Understand Your Visitors

Knowing where to segment your Google Analytics data can be daunting. Where do you start? And how the Hell are you supposed to know if what you’re looking at is going to make any difference what-so-ever?

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Migrating to Universal Analytics Using Google Tag Manager

As more and more business owners are learning about the benefits of the new version of Google Analytics (referred to as “Universal Analytics”) as well as the utility of Tag Management Systems (made even more popular by the release of the free Google Tag Manager), Peep reached out to me to write an article about moving an inline GA implementation to Google Tag Manager. This is work we do often over at Analytics Ninja, so I feel more than happy to provide this guide for CXL’s readers. Keep reading »

7 Ways that Predictive Analytics Is Transforming Ecommerce

Have you ever dreamed about learning which products your customers are most likely to buy in advance?

How great would it be if you could determine the highest price a customer would pay for a product? What if you could optimize customer service to resolve concerns proactively before they become issues?

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10 Google Analytics Reports That Tell You Where Your Site is Leaking Money

Your website is leaking money. Everybody’s is.

The first step toward plugging the leaks is identifying WHERE the leaks are. Which funnel steps, which layers of your site, which specific pages are leaking money? Google Analytics can provide answers.


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Universal Analytics: Understanding the Value of the User-ID w/ Justin Cutroni

You may have heard that Google recently announced that Universal Analytics was officially out of beta.

But what does that mean & more importantly, how can you take advantage of Universal Analytics to improve your business?
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7+ Under-Utilized Google Analytics Reports for Conversion Insights

While Google Analytics is so widely used, most marketers only scratch the surface when it comes to the reports they use. You can find insights for conversion optimization from lots of different reports & some of the juicier reports are lesser known.

I asked some of my friends in the industry to share under-utilized reports they often turn to when looking for insights. Keep reading »

10 Optimization Experts Share Their Favorite Google Analytics Reports (Copy Them!)

One of the key things Google Analytics helps us do when optimizing a website is identify conversion uplift opportunities. Traffic is precious, and we don’t want to waste any of it on tests that don’t result in learning or uplifts. That’s why we want to have good data for:

  • A) which pages have uplift opportunities and
  • B) specific page issues.

How Call Tracking with Google Analytics Increases Your Profits

According to a comScore Study commissioned by Google, 63% of website visitors complete their purchases offline.

Online, we have plenty of ways to track visitor behavior. Tracking cookies, heat maps, click tracking, ad retargeting etc, but as soon as that person picks up the phone, we’re lost. But we don’t have to be. Keep reading »