CXL Institute now an Official Education Provider at LinkedIn

CXL Institute now an Official Education Provider at LinkedIn

Attention current and soon-to-be CXL Institute graduates: We’re officially an authorized education provider on Linkedin.

Here’s what that means for you:

You can add your education, certificates, badges – everything you learned and earned at CXL Institute into the Education section of your profile.

You can show off your hard-earned skills and strengthen your profile

Potential employers who are looking at your Linkedin profile don’t have to wonder whether or not you’ve got the skills for Google Tag Manager, because they can see that you completed an intermediate-level GTM course this year.

They can also search for people who graduated from CXL Institute, and find you on that list.

Worried about finding a growth marketing position in your neck of the woods? Potential employers can see where Institute alumni live and what industry they work in on the Career Insights section of our School page. If they reach out to us about interest in a Croatian growth marketer, we reach out to you.

Career Insights section on our school page

(The numbers are small there right now since we literally just yesterday got added there).

How to add badges and certificates to your Linkedin profile:

Go to the Education section on your Linkedin page. This section is just below the Experience section where you list the jobs you’ve had. Click the little blue plus sign in the top right corner. In the School field, start typing CXL Institute. When it pops up, simply click on it.

“How should I name my degree?”

If you passed a certification program…

Look at your certificate. Your title on the certificate is your degree.

Example: Christine would type “CXL Certified Optimizer” into the Degree form field.

The end product will look like this on your profile:

If you passed a live course or course recording…

In the Degree form field, add “Certificate of Completion” and in the Field of study spot, add the name of the course.

Example: Anthony would type “Certificate of Completion” into the Degree form field, and “Advanced Google Tag Manager” into the Field of study form field.

End product:

How to upload the actual certificate or badge:

While you’re still in the Edit education pop-up window, scroll down and upload your certificate. Name the certificate and add a description however you’d like to.

End product with certificate included:

Or with a badge:

People can click on your certificate/badge to see the full screen version, along with a description if you decided to add one:

Feel free to add additional information (description, time period, etc.) as you see fit.

That’s it! Your education here at CXL Institute is properly displayed on your Linkedin profile, complete with your alumni status on the CXL Institute Linkedin page.

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CXL Institute now an Official Education Provider at LinkedIn