Ecommerce Best Practice Report 2017

Ecommerce Best Practice Report 2017

Get data-backed ecommerce guidelines you can implement right away to increase revenue.

If you’re wondering what works best right now in ecommerce, you’re in luck. We just launched a comprehensive guide (247 guidelines) on ecommerce best practices, all derived from user testing and custom research.

If you’re under 1000 purchases a month and can’t run your own A/B testing program yet, you can use this report as a list of action items.

If you want to be competitive in 2017 and beyond, you should be at least as good as these guidelines.

Improve your ecommerce sales with our conversion-focused UX guidelines

This report provides conversion-focused UX insights for people responsible for the website’s bottom line results: digital marketers, UX strategists, web designers, optimizers, entrepreneurs, product managers, and the like.

  • Know what elements affect the conversion heuristics of clarity, friction, motivation, and distraction/focus
  • See how the websites studied implement guidelines to affect user perceptions of their site’s appearance, clarity, credibility, loyalty, and usability
  • Learn how different sites compare to one another within and among 6 major ecommerce industries
  • Check your site against our research-backed and conversion-focused list of ecommerce guidelines
  • Get our top 21 A/B testing ideas to start with on your own site

All in all, if you’re in ecommerce, this guide will save you tons of time and money, expediting your optimization efforts. With the holidays coming up and the new year looming, it’s the perfect time to invest in your website and pull more revenue from your existing acquisition efforts.

Learn more about the ecommerce guide here.

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  1. Mobile is extremely important, imagine everyone being able to visit your store at any time. Mobile experience is even a ranking factor for Google. Ecommerce in 2017 you have to be mobile friendly.

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