Free Mini-reviews (Part 4)

Free Mini-reviews (Part 4)

Part 4 of my annual free mini-reviews.


I haven’t seen any analytics or survey data for any of these websites, and all my comments are only based on my experience in the field. I’m only spending very little time on each site, so there’s going to be superficiality. Some of my feedback is going to be brilliant, and some of it won’t make any difference. All of this advice should be tested.


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Websites mentioned here:

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  1. Hi Peep,

    Thank you for your valuable insight.
    It’s only a few words, but a lot to think about.


  2. Great work, Peep. In one part of the video you discouraged web owner from including social sharing buttons in product description page. Do you feel it like rule or are there any situations where there should be social buttons included? I frankly do not understand why NOT to include them.

    1. Peep Laja

      Share buttons are for content. Nobody ever shares product pages, so it serves as a distraction and takes away attention from the action you really want them to take (buy). Also, since nobody shares product pages, they’re only going to have a bunch of zeros there – 0 tweets, 0 likes etc. This will result in negative social proof (=nobody wants this crap) and hence can negatively impact sales.

  3. In my opinion, some of this websites were really not that bad, at least from the design standpoint. To me, the most memorable was the “comic” website, interesting idea, however as a whole not properly executed, your observations well made.

    Interestingly, almost all websites were strongly missing a clear value proposition, with too many other things (clutter) going on. They all want to “sell, sell, sell” (oh really?), with EGOISM popping out all over the place (social buttons – share my page! … Subscribe to this, subscribe to that, etc…).

    The primary point should always be adressing the needs and wants of customer in clearest way possible. No long texts, no BS, but simple, focused message. It is art.

  4. I watched all 4 videos. After the first one they pretty much become repetitive lol. Value propositions, no what and why explanations, get rid of sliders, use a simple professional design, get rid of site clutter, content before buy me buttons, and nobody cares about you the seller! Did I miss anything?! Vids 2-4 I played a little game where I reviewed the websites first and then watched your videos to see if I caught the same things you caught; I’m batting 100% so far haha.

    Anyway, it’s pretty cool to see how some people have actually taken your feedback to heart and changed their sites. Even though I didn’t submit my website I pretty much already know what you’d say and I’m spending this month improving it.

    Thanks again for all the great content you do :] Long time reader, first time commenter.


    P.S. You should probably keep them under 30-minutes because you are starting to get aggravated by the repetitive corrections lol

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Free Mini-reviews (Part 4)