Free Mini-reviews (Part 6)

Free Mini-reviews (Part 6)

Part 6 of my annual free mini-reviews.


I haven’t seen any analytics or survey data for any of these websites, and all my comments are only based on my experience in the field. I’m only spending very little time on each site, so there’s going to be superficiality. Some of my feedback is going to be brilliant, and some of it won’t make any difference. All of this advice should be tested.


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  1. Thanks for reviewing out site. Harsh truths come out. Always good to get an opinion that backs your own from someone who is more experienced than myself. We will certainly be making major changes very soon.

  2. In the first review you mention a template site: Theme Thirst? I cant find it. Could you please provide the link? Thanks!

  3. Just had to say

    Ouch! Painful to watch these but really helpful.

  4. Peep,
    Thanks so much for what you do.
    More conversions, less frustration – world’s a better place.

    I’ve just built my first website ever – could you please take a quick look ?
    It’s really simple – won’t take you >1min.

    (couldn’t find where to request free Mini-reviews)


  5. Peep, when someone ask for conversion advice, you should immediately ask if they have an image slider :D

    I’m joking, your advice is great :)

  6. I’ve been following your video reviews with great curiosity. Wondering if you would be interested in reviewing our website in next video?


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Free Mini-reviews (Part 6)