Free Mini-reviews (Part 1)

Free Mini-reviews (Part 1)

As I promised during Christmas, I’m doing mini-reviews of websites that signed up to get one. There were a ton – 236 websites.

Since there are so many and there’s so little time, I won’t be able to do thorough reviews, but quickly point out the low hanging fruits within a minute or two. The only goal for this feedback is to help the website owner. I’m only kicking the ball, not the player.

Disclaimer: I haven’t seen any analytics or survey data for any of these websites, and all my comments are only based on my experience in the field. I’m only spending very little time on each site, so there’s going to be superficiality. Some of my feedback is going to be brilliant, and some of it won’t make any difference. All of this advice should be tested. 

Video 1:

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Video 2:

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Question: last year I did reviews in text, these are in video. What do you prefer? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!

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  1. Hello Peep. Thank you very much for your time! I am very happy you chose my website to be reviewed!

    I have a question. At 26:50 in your second video why did you recommend that I change the domain name

    I will now begin to work on all the other great advice you shared with me.

    Thank you again. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

    1. Peep Laja

      Cheers. I recommended it since people just don’t remember domain names with dashes in them. If you ever want to get any direct traffic or word of mouth, you make it *very* hard for people.

    2. I agree with the hyphens in a domain name been hard to remember. And it’s always better to get one without…

      But it’s a bit of a bold statement to recommend changing a domain don’t you think? I know in the video you didn’t have time to weight up the ins and outs of it so you have to make points on a whim.

      I’m thinking along the lines if you have a lot of SEO value in the existing domain, ok redirects can pass rankings over but it’s not always easy to get right, especially with a DIY approach.

      There are numerous businesses that do well online with hyphenated domains too so it’s not impossible. To convince a business that has a track record of making money via ecommerce for example to incur the added expense of switching domains it’d be hard to make it happen with just an argument based on “it’s hard to remember”.

      For example, if I told someone on the phone to go to, they could easily type in, they wouldn’t find you, but I don’t think it warrants a name change.

    3. Thank you Jonathan for your time and comment.

      I own both domains with and without hyphens. The non hyphenated version goes to the same place. When I sent the link to Peep I used the hyphens because I thought it looked nice and the keywords stood out.

      I can see how some people might not know there is an alternate version without the hyphens. I can also understand how hyphens can be a pain.

      So from now on I will share my domain that has no hyphens in correspondence for ease of use and leave the hyphens for googles search.
      Whatever it takes to make it easier for customers to find me :)

      Thank you again Jonathan, you made some valid points and helped reduce the anxiety in having to change my hosted domain. :)

      Have an amazing day!

    4. Peep Laja

      Changing the domain name is never easy – true. You always need to weigh the pros and cons.

      If you want to be an online brand, you need a simple domain name. There is no brand out there with a difficult domain name. A brand needs to be “pronounceable”.

      If you only rely on search traffic and links, it doesn’t matter.

    5. Thank you Peep.

      I also own as well, I can can start using this address I share the website since it redirects to the site.

      I was told a while ago that dashes in the web address makes it easier for google to find your site that is why I applied it to the website.

      Should I also change the whole website as well since that would be a major overhaul?

      Also, thank you for the video hover compliment. That took me a long time to figure out how to do, I guess it was well worth the work.

      Thank you again Peep for your time. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Many thanks for the critique, Peep. You’ve given me lots to work with!

  3. Really helpful advice. Already implemented a couple of changes. Thank you!

  4. Just watching you do reviews for other sites was really helpful. I wish there were more content marketing sites / just straight up blogs whose main goal is to sell their services and email sign ups.. not products… :)

  5. Hi there,

    My websites aren’t reviewed…. ;(
    So sad, I was expecting that, excited like a kid before Santa Claus comes through the chimney…

    1. Peep Laja

      I had 236 requests. With 4 review videos in I’ve managed to cover the first 70. Yours is still to come. Patience grasshopper :)

    2. Oh God, that’s very exiting, thank you Jedi Master ;)

  6. Really appreciate your efforts regardless Peep. It was quite a job reviewing so many sites!

  7. Peep, you rock! Your reviewing of sites is something special. I enjoyed watching videos very much and in my opinion it is far better to see & hear “live” videos, than reading a bunch of text of site reviews. Probably takes a bit less time for you too ;) So in the future if possible, please keep the video format. Best!

  8. Thanks for this Peep. Really grateful.

    Take your feedback on board, though the homepage design was based on behaviour i.e. 2 weeks worth of Crazy Egg Heat map tracking.

    I love your blog by the way, learned a hell of a lot.


    Steve Jabba

  9. Great analysis, plus the humor at some points had be in hysterics!

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