Introducing: The Pe:p Show

Introducing: The Pe:p Show

Hi folks! I’m starting a new vlog / YouTube show called – The Pe:p Show.

(As my name is actually pronounced like pep talk, not peep show).

It’s a series of short and to the point videos: all between 1 and 9 minutes. Topics that I’m covering go way past conversion stuff – it’s about optimizing all the things: your life, health, relationships, work, and business.

I’ll be posting new videos every single week. Subscribe to the YouTube channel here or keep checking the new The Pe:p show link on the blog here.

Your comments and suggestions super welcome!

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      1. Peep Laja

        Oh not at all :) Just gearing up for CXL Live 2018! And hence less time available for other resources until then

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    Introducing: The Pe:p Show