Is Your Website Getting In The Way Of Making Sales? – Website Reviews

Is Your Website Getting In The Way Of Making Sales? - Website Reviews

In today’s review, Tommy is assessing the visual complexity of a cabinet hardware eCommerce site to determine if the visual elements may be getting in the way of conversions.

When I judge “visual complexity”, I’m primarily looking at the following factors:

  • The amount of visual elements presented on the page at any given time
  • Are those elements supporting & reinforcing the main objective of the page?

Visual elements in this context can mean anything from colors, background images, product shots, typography, textures & anything intended to communicate the value of the site.

Watch this 9:40 minute review

Reducing these elements to display only the most relevant  is vital because:

  • “First impressions” are made within 1/5oth of a second (roughly the amount of time it takes for a kernel of popcorn to pop)
  • The human brain can identify images within 1/13th of a second
  • The human memory can only store between 5-9 “chunks” of information at one time

Background reading

  1. Why Simple Websites Are Scientifically Better
  2. The Landing Page Optimization Guide You Wish You Always Had
  3. How Images Can Boost Your Conversion Rate
  4. Value Proposition Examples (And How To Create One)

Here’s the slide deck:

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  1. Love these posts guys! Couldn’t agree more on the simplicity.

  2. Great reviews, very informative.

  3. Really big thnx! Extremly informable and we have already started to work with some changes!

  4. Good walk-through.

  5. Always enjoy these reviews and happy to hear Tommy doing them as well. Great insight and advice for improving simplicity and website clarity to increase conversions.

  6. Actually, the storing of information is 4 +/- 1 chunks :)

  7. I’m getting addicted to these entries. I’m not joking Peep!


    1. :-D I’m so glad you’re enjoying them!

  8. Awesome, i love the video series, it teaches me a lot. Makes me want to improve my ecommerce site. Keep up the review style videos it provides a great value.


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