Scarcity works well… unless it’s fake!

Scarcity works well... unless it's fake!

I got this above email just minutes ago.

We’ve all read Cialdini’s “Influence”, right (if you haven’t yet, do it now). We’ve all been victims of scarcity principle (“only 4 seats left at this price!”) and many of us have used it successfully in our campaigns.

It really does work well – unless the reason for scarcity is blatantly made up! Monthly access to a digital product sold out, yearly access still available? Come on!

What does this do to your credibility? Not much, except people stop believing you. And that’s kind of important.

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  1. Very nice example of fake scarcity–thanks for exposing the emperor’s clothes Pepe!

    Not sure if there’s a better way to reword but here’s what I’d try if I were “Jeff”:
    Subject: sorry we just sold out…

    As I told you yesterday it was about to sell out, and it did.

    The “Monthly Pay-As-You-Go” plan has sold out, no more seats available.

    So we set up a waiting list that will send you an instant email once we get more slots.

    Just click the link below to be first in the queue:

    [link to waitlist]


    Jeff could then segment his mailing list to directly retarget those that clicked the link.

    Anyway that’s just my take–how fun would it be Pepe to post this in your Twitter or Growhackers to “crowdsource” some other rewrites (probably a lot more creative than mine)?

    Thanks again for keeping it real Pepe!

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Scarcity works well… unless it’s fake!