Social Referral Optimizer

Social Referral Optimizer

Social what? Exactly.

A startup called Curebit offers a pretty cool tool: motivate your customers to refer more customers for extra perks (they get something when they refer their friends). Nothing helps conversions along better than a recommendation from a friend.

The challenge up to now has been knowing which incentive will work the best. Well, no more guesswork. They’ve now basically enabled split testing these calls to action.

As conversion depends a great deal on the details of the offer (the language the offer is presented in, the type of incentive, etc.), so their Social Referral Optimizer allows sites to test different variations to find out what converts the best.

You can vary the amount of the discount, the offer text, the message one uses to share it with friends (whether that be via Facebook or Twitter), the landing page, as well as the graphic design of each page. For sites that don’t have enough volume to get those statistically significant results, users are able to take advantage of Curebit’s software, which learns as it tests from other sites across the Web (about 700 of these are already available for testing).

Test it out and let us now your results.


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Social Referral Optimizer