Is Your Lead Magnet Something People Actually Want? [Website Review]

Is Your Lead Magnet Something People Actually Want? [Website Review]

Today I’m reviewing lead magnets.

Lead magnets are the key contributors to high email opt-in rates. The better your offer, the more people will want it.

Background reading:

Watch this 7-minute review:

Websites mentioned in this review:

Here’s the slide deck:

Got questions or comments about lead magnets? Please add your comments below.

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  1. Hi Peep,

    I noticed you did not like the pop up form at minute 4:42. Although I have not tested it myself, a good chunk of fellow marketers swear by the popup. Apparently it has increased the number of opt-ins for them. It might be something to take another look at if you have the time.

    Great video nonetheless.

    1. Peep Laja

      I didn’t say I don’t like popups. I used them myself too.

      I pointed out it was funny that the popup also appeared on the landing page for the same offer. Two identical offers on the same page – distraction.

    2. Hey Peep – just to clarify – the popup that appears is triggered by the click isn’t it. It’s how you get the thing you want when you clicked the button. It’s not just some random competing popup box.

      I’d suggest that the site owner split tests this vs having the email on the page originally. I did a split test recently of just this strategy (email form on page vs appearing after clicking button) on my home page and using the button -> popup strategy increased optins by 59% (97% confidence when I stopped the test).

      Of course, results might be different for this guy. It shows the importance of testing – even what the experts recommend – for yourself.


    3. Peep

      I think Robert refers to the golfers site where you suggest that they try to include the email directly in the first form instead of asking for an email in a pop-up. The site looks very much of something created with LeadPages and they have tested over and over again that asking for the email in a second step will in most cases increase the conversion rate. On their blog they have some different studies about why this is so.

  2. hahaha, brilliant Peep.

    Love the no-frills when addressing issues. Really, really do.

  3. Hey Peep,
    I can see posts like this one get less shares, but I wanted to say I get almost more value out of these than any others. An expert like you, going through these sites and talking about your analysis in video format gives me great insights into the proper thought process. Thanks for making these videos, can’t wait for the next one… keep it up!

  4. Hey Peep, thank you for sharing great information on website conversions. I’ve implemented some of your suggestions and I must tell you, I’ve seen positive results. For that I’m grateful to you. Now, I was wondering how can I get my site featured on your website reviews. I’d like to see what you think about my site and how I can improve it. Thank you in advance!

    1. Peep Laja

      Follow me on Twitter and my Facebook page. Every Monday I “recruit” volunteers for reviews.

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Is Your Lead Magnet Something People Actually Want? [Website Review]