Why You Shouldn’t Assume How Users Feel About Your Site [Rant]

Why You Shouldn't Assume How Users Feel About Your Site [Rant]

I wrote this short rant. Isn’t it fun? It’s totally cool! Yes, it’s that easy!

It’s annoying when a website (or anyone for that matter) tells you what you should feel. Especially when you’re not feeling the feeling the website is telling you to feel. Don’t do it.

You can guide the user, you can make your site easy to use – but you shouldn’t assume how the users feel. If the visitor uses your site and thinks “boy, this is easy!” – great! But YOU shouldn’t make that statement, the user should.

Don’t assume how people feel about using your site. Making statements like ‘wasn’t this simple!?‘ doesn’t make them change their mind if it wasn’t (nor happy when it was). You will just look arrogant and presumptuous.

You don’t control how users feel about the site

People’s feelings and opinions are not up to you. Yes, you can influence both and facilitate them feeling a certain way, but in the end it’s not in your control. Hence, don’t make any assumptions about how they feel. And certainly don’t put it in words on your website.

Unfortunately, many websites do this. Make sure yours is not one of them.

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Why You Shouldn’t Assume How Users Feel About Your Site [Rant]