Landing Pages

Landing pages are single focus web pages intended to get the user to take a very specific action (such as signing up via email)

When done well, these can be incredibly effective for online marketing, as they help guide your visitor to a single goal free of the distractions that typically come from the web browsing experience.

Below, you will find our best resources on landing pages & landing page optimization so you can guide your visitors and create a better online experience.

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In Defense Of The Email Popup

It’s a well known fact that most people do not buy from you on their first visit. But what exactly does “most people” mean?

According to SeeWhy’s extensive research, “most people” means about 99%. Sure, they’re talking about eCommerce sites, but still, it raises a very interesting question, “If 99% of people won’t buy on the first visit… how then can we get them to return for a second visit?”

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