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Each article has been carefully researched & is designed to help with a very specific parts of your SaaS – from capturing more email addresses, delivering more relevant messages & activating your customers.

The Greatest Factors Limiting Your Testing Program

As more and more people start to look to testing and conversion optimization as a consistent and meaningful tool for their marketing and other initiatives it is important that people start to realize that optimization as a discipline is not just a false add-on to existing work.   Testing when done correctly can and should be by far the number one driver of revenue for your entire site and organization, and yet according to 3 of the major tools on the market the average testing program only sees 14% of their tests succeed. Keep reading »

Website Redesign for Higher Conversions? Tread Lightly

Your conversion rate is not what it could be – and you know you need to do something about it. Should you redesign the whole website? Maybe. Probably not though. It depends. But if you are going to do it, you need to tread very lightly. Website redesigns only work if they are carefully managed and data-driven. Keep reading »

How to Use Qualitative Research to Drive Conversions

When marketers think of using data to come up with test hypotheses, they typically think of digital analytics. Quantifiable data. But qualitative research can actually offer more insight than anything else for coming up with winning test hypotheses. When quantitative stuff tells you what, where and how much, then qualitative tells you ‘why’. The goal of qualitative research is to gather an in-depth understanding of user behavior, and the reasons for that behavior. Keep reading »

Stock Photography vs. Real Photos: Can't We Use Both?

When it comes to online imagery, it’s not so much about having images, as it is about making sure those images to give the visitor a sense of texture, size, scale, detail, context & brand.

According to MDG Advertising, 67% of online shoppers rated high quality images as being “very important” to their purchase decision, which was slightly more than “product specific information”, “long descriptions”, and “reviews & ratings”: Keep reading »