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Email marketing

Email marketing is a proven strategy to keep your company top-of-mind, nurture leads, improve user onboarding and retention, and upsell ecommerce customers.

Just getting started? Want to take a deep-dive into email marketing? Choose from dozens of blog posts, full-length courses, and other resources to master the discipline before you launch your next campaign.

Why is email marketing important?

Email marketing fuels many businesses—it’s a channel you own fully. Growing an email list and increasing engagement from subscribers is vital (and lucrative) for any marketing program.

What is email marketing automation?

Email marketing automation sends a predetermined series of emails to leads or users based on actions they’ve taken.

For example, a drip campaign may nurture high-value leads after they fill out a form, or an onboarding sequence may encourage product usage during a free trial.

Get expert insights on email marketing

As search traffic shrinks and social media referral traffic vanishes, many businesses are returning to their email lists as a primary source of brand communication and the best opportunity to win more business.

Blog posts on email marketing

Depending on your industry, you may use email to sell products, nurture leads, or retain users. Our posts cover every aspect in detail, from copywriting to design to testing.

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

    By Peep Laja

    Learn exactly how to put your value proposition to work and increase conversions with persuasive copy and UX / design.

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Email marketing courses

Think better copy could improve open rates or click-throughs? Trying to figure out how to segment your list to better personalize your content? Our email marketing courses walk you through the key elements of a successful email campaign.

Regardless of what you need email to do for your business, our courses will show you best practices—and how to test the effectiveness of them for your campaigns.

Account based marketing

Master the strategies, tactics, metrics, and wisdom you need to become an ABM leader and accelerate the growth of your company and of your career.

B2B | campaigns | pilot planning

Applied neuromarketing

Leverage knowledge of the human brain and buyer behavior to increase sales.

user behavior | emotional resonance | attention and perception

Foundations of demand generation

Learn to build a predictable, scalable and repeatable lead generation machine that will help your company generate qualified leads for years to come

content strategy | lead acquisition | outbound marketing

Customer retention for subscription products

This course will teach you how to define and identify retention points for your customer base, how to slow down or flatten churn, and how to improve retention long term.

churn | customer experience | customer journeys | measurement


Set up and apply personalization to improve conversions across the customer lifecycle.

segmentation approaches | A/B and MVT testing | B2B and B2C personalization

Building data-driven personas

Combine qualitative research with quantitative methods to build truly representative personas.

user segmentation | qualitative user research | quantitative methods

Course length: ~8h

Form optimization

Design high-performing forms that increase conversions and decrease cart abandonment.

desktop and mobile form design | user interaction | form copy

A/B testing mastery

Understand testing approaches that work (and pitfalls that don’t) to get more wins and insights from optimization efforts.

running experiments | customer base studies | prioritization

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