The only reason to take a course is to get better at something. We make sure you do.

Learning happens when two things come together: a great instructor to show you the ropes + you actually putting in the needed time. We help with both.

This is how CXL Institute is different from other learning platforms:

  1. We get the very best practitioners to teach classes. Not full-time lecturers or academics, nor our own employees who've memorized the syllabus (like is the case with most learning providers). We go out of our way to identify the people who are the very best at what they do, and get them to teach their craft.
  2. Most of our online classes are LIVE. Like 11am on a Tuesday or whatever. That means you will actually schedule it and make time for it. This is a key reason why our course completion rates are 5x higher than industry average.

CXL Institute is best suited for teams

The Institute has a *lot* of great content. It's really unrealistic for one person (unless you're a superhero!) to go through it all.

But it's ideal for teams as it has various courses for different focus areas like digital analytics, conversion optimization, customer acquisition and general digital marketing.

Here's how Sanoma is using it throughout their organization:

You need it, we (most likely) have it

We have a lot of courses –
so it's highly likely that we can teach you the skills you need right now.

To start off there are 3 in-depth certification programs:

Add here live online courses (every single month 2 new ones start) + an extensive library of pre-recorded courses. It's a lot. We're covering pretty much every angle of data-driven marketing, so your team would flourish and get the results like the best.