Introduction to research-driven conversion optimization

Free course Introduction to research-driven conversion optimization

By Peep Laja
Founder of CXL


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Turn passive site visitors into action-takers

Conversion optimization – when done right – is a systematic way to convert passive perusers into action-takers (leads, buyers).

In order to improve your conversions through optimization, you need a conversion research process. Research that tells you where are the problems, what the problems are and why those problems are problems, to begin with.

Once you have hypotheses derived from data (research), you can start running intelligent online experiments and finally start getting the results you want.

That’s the real way of doing conversion optimization. And this free video course will teach you how.

Free course curriculum:

  1. What is conversion optimization?
  2. Technical analysis
  3. Heuristic analysis
  4. Digital Analytics
  5. Mouse tracking & heat maps
  6. Qualitative research
  7. User testing
  8. A/B/n testing fundamentals

About your instructor,
Peep Laja

Peep Laja is the founder of CXL. He’s a renowned conversion optimization champion and was nominated as the most influential CRO expert in the world.

After running the CXL agency arm for five years, he started CXL Institute, where data-driven marketers get trained.

Over the last 20 years, Peep has worked in web development, marketing consulting, B2B sales, SEO, PPC, and SaaS.

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Introduction to research-driven conversion optimization