Fast and rigorous user personas

Free course Fast and rigorous user personas

By Stefania Mereu, PhD
Sr. Director @ UX for HID Global


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Improve how you solve problems with user personas

In this 12 lesson free course on user personas, Stefania Mereu will teach you a framework for collecting relevant customer data.

You’ll learn how to use that customer data to create actionable, unbiased and effective user personas to improve how you solve problems and talk to your customers.

Free course curriculum:

  1. What are user personas?
  2. Fast & Rigorous Framework
  3. Collect quantitative data
  4. Setting up the survey
  5. Recruiting respondents
  6. Simplify your data
  7. Identify factors
  8. How does the cluster analysis work?
  9. Identify clusters
  10. Building archetypes
  11. Visualize your clusters
  12. Moving forward with your personas

About your instructor,
Stefania Mereu, PhD

Stefania is a UX Data Scientist, Strategist & Evangelist. She is the director of user experience at Pearson. Before then, she was Sr. Quantitative UX Researcher at Express Scripts and Vice President of Research at Vast, a medium size startup that raised $14 million last year.

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Fast and rigorous user personas