Introduction to UX for marketers

Free course Introduction to UX for marketers

By Anna Dahlström
Founder @ UX Fika


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Employ UX principles to make better marketing decisions

In this 8 lesson free course on the foundations of UX for marketers, Anna Dahlström gives you an introduction to applying and leveraging UX principles to make better marketing decisions.

She’ll walk you through UX frameworks and techniques that you can apply to make your marketing efforts even more powerful.

Free course curriculum:

  1. Benefit of UX
  2. Best Practices
  3. Identifying your audience
  4. Customer lifecycle mapping
  5. How to do a card sort
  6. Define your sitemap
  7. Designing for multiple devices
  8. Prototyping

About your instructor,
Anna Dahlström

Anna is a Swedish UX designer, coach, speaker and the founder of and UX Fika. Over the last 15 years, she’s worked as an Experience Lead and freelance UX designer across a variety of brands, companies, and projects.

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Introduction to UX for marketers