Live online courses delivered by the best in the business

Live online courses delivered by the best in the business.

These exclusive live courses by CXL Institute are the most effective way to improve your skills fast. Live screensharing, step-by-step live demonstrations and live Q&A with the instructor. You will learn better with this format, and you'll make time for learning.

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CRO Agency Masterclass

Learn the art of CRO from the experience of the best agencies and practitioners in the world. You will learn about improving the entire lifecycle of your product - from building the offering, team and methodology - to pitching, winning and delivering successful client engagements.

In this 4 week, 8 class course you will learn:

  • All the components you need to run a successful CRO function or agency
  • What people, processes, tools and methodologies you really need
  • How to win business with a credible offering in a competitive market
  • What stuff you need to find, prioritise and experiment with client opportunities
  • How to manage the entire client lifecycle from pitch and kickoff to long term value

Instructor: Craig Sullivan

Google Analytics for Beginners

Perfect for the complete Google Analytics newbie, this course will get you from "What's a bounce rate?" to "Finally! I know where my results are coming from!"

In this 4 week, 8 class course you will learn how to:

  • Figure out who your visitors are
  • Know how your visitors are finding you
  • Determine the specific actions that your visitors are taking
  • Measure the results of your visitors actions
  • Use Google Analytics to help you make better optimization decisions

Instructor: Chris Mercer

UX and Usability

Tired of opinions? Get a proven user research framework you can use to make more money without spending a dollar on acquisition.

In this 4 week, 8 class course you will learn how to:

  • Use user research tools and techniques to uncover usability and UX problems on any site.
  • Implement a proven, repeatable process that will result in more revenue per visitor.
  • Extract the highest value insights from Google Analytics, heatmaps, user recordings and form analytics.
  • Apply Karl’s 15 years of UX and usability experience to your site right away.

Instructor: Karl Gilis

Personalizing for Conversion

Do you use A/B testing? Are you under pressure to deliver higher conversion rates and have heard of personalization? This course is a practical primer for those who know site optimization and want to begin using personalization to deliver better lift

In this 4 week, 8 class course you will:

  • Learn about the different types of personalization
  • Structure a personalization strategy
  • Find the right data and customer segmentation to support your personalization
  • Evaluate and pick the right tool for you and your business
  • Analyze and frame results to evangelize your wins internally (if in-house) or to client (if agency)
  • Use personalization together with other technologies like account based marketing, SEO, and A/B testing

Instructor: Guy Yalif, Intellimize

Advanced Traffic Acquisition

Learn how to acquire more relevant traffic while gaining back lost traffic.

In this 4 week, 8 class course you will learn how to:

  • Find gaps in current search results and capitalize on them
  • Build traffic driving assets and avoid building bad ones
  • Evaluate how your site touches everyone in the purchase funnel and how to get in front of missing segments
  • Create valuable, traffic driving, on-page content that isn’t stock SEO copy
  • Identify fallen referral sources and reclaim their traffic & links
  • Fix & future proof yourself against algorithm updates/penalties
  • Identify & execute on quick wins

Instructor: Adam Melson, Seer Interactive

Excel for Marketers

Everyone thinks they know Excel, but this dismissive assumption may be costing you a lot of growth opportunities and wholly avoidable headaches. Learn to make the most of your raw data in this highly actionable course for experienced marketers.

This 2 week, 4 class course will teach you:

  • Different methods to reduce and check for errors
  • Incorporating formulas and troubleshooting
  • Downloading and analyzing keyword data from a variety of tools
  • Working with Google Analytics and Google Search Console data in Excel and/or Google Sheets
  • Third-party Tools to help with integrating data sources
  • Visualizing your data: pivot tables and charts

Instructor: Fred Pike

Heuristic Analysis Frameworks

How you approach conversion optimization determines how successful your efforts will be. If you’ve got a list of tactics, you’ll likely fail and the program will fizzle out. If you’re got strategic frameworks and processes, you’ll win.

In this 4 week, 8 class course you will learn:

  • Proven frameworks to guide your conversion audits
  • Basic cognitive psychology to understand implicit user motivations
  • A structured way to add more value to your CRO program right out of the gate
  • New tools to find untapped opportunity areas for optimization

Instructor: André Morys

Marketing in Product-First Companies

This course is geared towards early stage startups looking to get early marketing traction for their new product. Georgiana will break down how to create desire for something that doesn't exist yet, and how to build desire for your brand outside of the product.

This 4 week, 8 class course will cover: 

  • Timing: when and how to introduce your marketing
  • Early strategizing on vision, mission, and brand positioning
  • Segmenting your customers and building customer journeys
  • Content marketing and Comarketing
  • How to remove friction points in your organizational structuring

Instructor: Georgiana Laudi

Intermediate Facebook Ads

Learn how to systematically tune your Facebook ad campaigns, whether for your own business or for clients, to reliably generate engagement, leads, and conversions. Streamline the process of pinpointing conversion issues. Use templates we provide to simplify performance reporting and managing other team members.

In this 4 week, 8 class course, you will learn how to:

  • Build and document a Facebook Strategy via GCT (Goals, Content, Targeting) funnels.
  • Troubleshoot why ads aren't working-- diagnose common problems related to pixels, campaign organization, GA numbers not tying, ad disapprovals, frequency burnout, relevance score penalties, and ads that won't spend.
  • Figure out which targets to hit at each point in the funnel-- organize the right audience combinations with naming conventions, UTM parameters, and pre-made views.
  • Spend money more effectively-- Reliably forecast traffic and revenue performance based on remarketing and lookalike audiences combos.
  • Simplify campaigns to scale up-- Use the MAA (metrics, analysis, action) Method to document what's working and quickly eliminate losers.

Instructor: Dennis Yu

Data-driven Design

Learn a tactical and strategic web-design framework for building sites that actually convert (not just look pretty).

Instructor: Oli Gardner

Live Course Recordings

Referral Marketing: Building and Optimizing Your Viral Channel

Do you have loyal users that love your brand ...and want more of them? This course will leave you with a step-by-step implementation guide.

In this 2 week, 4 class course you will learn:

  • To turn your existing users into new users, indefinitely.
  • How companies like TOMS, Bonobos,, Shutterly, and more all leveraged their existing customers to grow their organic customer base using referrals (from the guy who built their programs).
  •  “sideways” strategies: Get referrals that don’t involve you directly asking your users to “refer a friend” again and again.

Instructor: Dominic Coryell

Intermediate Google Analytics

This course is for those who want to master Google Analytics. This course is not for beginners!

We will move away from reporting on monthly users & page views and spend a significant amount of time on how to customize Google Analytics for your business or use case. You will learn how to build audiences that not only uncover powerful insights about your users but allow you to drive powerful acquisition and retention campaigns. All of this will wrap up with all of the essentials for e-commerce, mobile apps & cross-device and Google’s new Data Studio product.

In this 4 week, 8 class course you will learn:

  • The Right Google Analytics Implementation
  • Ability to Build and Identify Audiences
  • Rich Attribution Modeling (No More Last-Click)
  • Powerful Customizations
  • Enterprise E-Commerce Capabilities
  • Cross-Device and Mobile App Insights
  • Data Studio Expertise

Instructor: Charles Farina

Intermediate Google Tag Manager Training

Have you been using Google Tag Manager for a while, but feel like there is more that you could be doing? The same knowledge and strategies incorporated in this training are also used in enterprise level companies around the world. This course goes beyond simply demonstrating how to navigate and setup GTM, to how GTM works and how to make it work for you.

In this 4 week, 8 class course you will learn:

  • What drives GTM under the hood, in-depth
  • How to use the seldom used pieces of GTM that are often the most powerful
  • A thorough process of Quality Assurance and debugging updates made to GTM

Instructor: Jacob Shafer

Ecommerce Growth Masterclass

Total Time (Class Recordings): 11 hours 4 min

Double your ecommerce business in one year. Get a strategic framework that has worked to grow countless ecommerce businesses.

  • A three-lever framework for doubling your business in one year
  • A knowledge of the two acquisition channels that have driven all of Shopify’s biggest stores - Instagram and Facebook - and best practices for building funnels in each.
  • Why Amazon attributes one third of its revenue to cross-selling and up-selling and how to steal their campaigns for your own business
  • The most profitable lifecycle marketing campaigns that maximize customer LTV and are used by only 1% of all ecommerce retailers.
  • Complete templates, implementation instructions, and checklists to install this framework at your own business

Instructor: Drew Sanocki

Google Analytics Master Course

Total Time (Class Recordings): 10 hours 57 min

In this 4-week live course, you'll learn the Strategies and Approaches for Data-Driven Optimization Decisions with Google Analytics.

This is the strategic and practical training you need to make better decisions with data from the world’s most popular digital analytics tool.

What do you see when you open Google Analytics? Most marketers just see data they’re not sure what to do with. They struggle to find the insights they need to solve real business problems and run smarter A/B tests. This live screensharing training program will show you how to dig for those insights and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Instructor: Yehoshua Coren

The Fundamentals of Google Tag Manager

Total Time (Class Recordings): 14 hours 5 min

In this 4-week live course, you will learn GTM to 10x your effectiveness as a marketer by giving you power and control over your data measurement.

Google Tag Manager is an essential skill of any technical digital marketer or analyst. This course will make you effective at using Google Tag Manager to increase your analytics powers at your company.

If you’re on a small team, you’ll be a hero. If you’re a marketer or an analyst at a larger organization, the value you bring to your role will drastically increase.

Instructor: Chris Mercer

Customer Acquisition

Total time: 18 hours 38 min

Most marketers struggle with getting enough relevant traffic to their sites. This program will help you develop in-depth customer acquisition skills. It also happens to be one of the most marketable skills a marketer can have.

This exclusive 8-week, 16 live class master course will teach you how to....

  • Go from no plan to a robust 12-month customer acquisition strategy.
  • Build a search marketing acquisition machine that only gets better with time.
  • Achieve top rankings on Google in less time and with less effort.
  • Optimize paid search to acquire customers cheaper than competitors.
  • Convert more customers when they land on your site.

Instructors: Dan Shure & Jonathan Dane

Product Messaging & Sales Page Copywriting

Total Time (Class Recordings): 13 hours 46 min

Once you complete this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Discover compelling product messages
  • Craft irresistible value propositions that boost conversions
  • Apply a persuasive flow & narrative to your core messages
  • Transform raw messages into powerfully convincing copy
  • Format your landing page copy for optimal engagement

All in all, this course is going to make you a lot of money.

Instructor: Momoko Price

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