Live online courses delivered by the best in the business

Live online courses delivered by the best in the business.

Live screen sharing, step-by-step live demonstrations and live Q&A with instructors. You will learn better with live courses, and you'll make time for learning.

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Statistics for A/B testing

The way an A/B test is designed and then analyzed determines whether results are deemed a success or a failure, whether changes are implemented (or not), and ultimately whether you've made a smart business decision or a terrible one. 

Unfortunately, it's much easier to interpret stats incorrectly than it is to interpret them correctly.

This course will equip you with the proper statistical mindset to get the ROI-positive results on your A/B tests.

In this 4-week, 8-class course you'll learn how to...

  • Plan maximally efficient A/B tests
  • Correctly interpret test results
  • Navigate the complexities of MVT, segmentation, multiple KPIs, and concurrent tests
  • Plan and analyze sequential tests

Instructor: Georgi Georgiev, Owner @ WebFocus LLC

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Advanced Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a powerhouse when it comes to deploying data and advertising code on any given website or mobile app. There are many ways to use a tag management solution, and not all of them leverage the full range of possibilities that efficient use thereof enables. In this five-class course, we will take an in-depth plunge into what makes Google Tag Manager really shine on a website.

The focus will be on GTM for the web, with a particular emphasis on JavaScript and web technologies in general. After this course, attendees should have a firm grasp of how best to leverage GTM's unique opportunities for managing tag deployment, for collecting actionable data, and for facilitating cooperation with the developers of the website.

This 5-class course includes:

  •  A brief on how JavaScript works on the website, and how this is significant for Google Tag Manager usage
  • How Google Tag Manager's event tracking works both under and over the hood, and how to customize it effectively
  • What the dataLayer is, and how it feeds data to Google Tag Manager's internal data model
  • Advanced solutions for Google Analytics tracking via Google Tag Manager
  • A huge amount of actionable tips, tricks, and resources for Google Tag Manager

Instructor: Simo Ahava

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Optimizing your marketing tech stack

Running and effective marketing strategy or campaign now depends on having a reliable tech stack. You may ask though, what is considered “stack”? It might include marketing automation, analytics, CRM, data piping, support system, live chat system, community forms and even prospecting tools. The tech options nowadays are seemingly endless.

Many companies have just begun their data driven transition, but lack the fundamentals they need to even track ROI from their marketing campaign. Your stack is where you solve that problem.

Having a marketing stack you can use to drive demand for your business is critical these days. Just having Google Analytics and trusting your gut will get you eaten. Stop messing around  and build out your stack to accomplish marketing automation, sales automation, business intelligence and a whole host of other things inside your company.

Building data-driven personas

Most personas are nothing more than fluff or subjective ideation. This live course will teach you to combine qualitative research with quantitative methods to build truly representative personas in a research-based method that is both fast and rigorous.

In this 4-week, 8-class course, you'll:

  • Practice methods of conducting successful interviews to validate and gather qualitative data
  • Understand how to integrate survey data with warehouse data
  • Learn how persona building and applications vary by industry
  • Apply these learnings to your own data in an intimate workshop setting

Instructor: Stefania Mereu

Persuasive Design for Digital Marketing

Designing and running websites can be incredibly frustrating. You see a large number of users visiting your site, and yet, so few of them take action. It is maddening!

This introductory course will teach you how to understand better the ways users think and leverage that to encourage them to complete your calls to action.

In this 4-class course, you'll learn to:

  • Understand psychology and how it influences our decisions.
  • Elicit trust through your website.
  • Build a user interface that persuades users to take action.
  • Craft compelling copy and calls to action.
  • Evaluate an existing web page and identify ways it could be more persuasive.

Instructor: Paul Boag, Founding partner @ Boagworks Ltd

Authentic Storytelling and Digital Marketing Masterclass

Ecommerce Email Marketing

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