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Live online courses delivered by the best in the business.

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event April 30, 2018

timer 5 sessions

done Enrollment open

Optimizing conversion rates actually means changing buyer behavior. Learn how the human brain really works, and how you can leverage that knowledge to increase sales and conversions. Most optimizers already know something about persuasion, cognitive biases, and behavioral economics. This course goes beyond the fundamentals.

In this 3-week, 5-class course you will learn:

  • Neuromarketing insights: how people perceive websites and how to control their attention
  • Thinking fast and slow: Frameworks to facilitate your conversion analysis
  • Optimization strategy: Why and how optimizers should work on brand positioning and corporate values to increase conversions
  • Customer Experience: Why the emotions of your customers are an important factor for digital disruption

Instructor: André Morys, CEO & Founder at konversionsKRAFT (Web Arts AG)

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Applied neuromarketing

Instructor(s): André Morys

Landing page optimization

Course schedule

event June 1, 2018

timer 8 sessions

What do you do when the awesome landing page you spent weeks developing simply doesn’t perform? The easy answer is “Start optimizing!” But that introduces a whole series of difficult questions: Where do I start? Should I start testing right away? Do research first? If so, what kind? What if my efforts backfire? This course will teach you how to answer questions like these, and will give you the skills you need to approach any landing page optimization project with the confidence of a pro optimizer.

In this 4-week, 8-class course you will:

  • Gain the skills to approach any LPO project with the confidence of a pro optimizer
  • Find out how to analyze landing pages and build your optimization strategy
  • Get a toolbox of practical research methods and optimization tactics including GA reports and auditing processes
  • Learn from an instructor with 10 years of hands-on CRO/LPO experience

Instructor: Michael Aagaard, Senior Conversion Optimizer, International Keynote Speaker & Public Speaking Coach

Enrollment opening soon

Landing page optimization

Instructor(s): Michael Aagaard

Psychology and neuroscience for CRO

Course schedule

event July 17, 2018

timer 8 sessions

To help you cut through the clutter of hyped-up industry claims, Dr. Brian Cugelman and Michael Aagaard will teach you core lessons in digital psychology and show you how to apply them to your conversion funnel. Michael and Brian have combined their best content and developed a suite of templates and tools to make this a truly unique learning experience. All content has been vetted as grounded science that converts – no fluff.

In this 4-week, 8-class course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Learn how to use psychological tactics to optimize user journeys and page design
  • Get cheat sheets for applying digital psychology and emotional design neuroscience
  • Take part in interactive training with opportunities to submit your work for testing
  • Learn from a behavioral scientist and a leading CRO expert

Instructor: Brian Cugelman, Senior scientist @ AlterSpark Corp. & Michael Aagaard, Senior CRO consultant

Enrollment opening soon

Psychology and neuroscience for CRO

Instructor(s): Brian Cugelman & Michael Aagaard

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