Live online courses delivered by the best in the business

Live online courses delivered by the best in the business.

These exclusive live courses by CXL Institute are the most effective way to improve your skills fast. Live screensharing, step-by-step live demonstrations and live Q&A with the instructor. You will learn better with this format, and you'll make time for learning.

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The Fundamentals of Google Tag Manager

In this 4-week live course, you will learn GTM to 10x your effectiveness as a marketer by giving you power and control over your data measurement.

Google Tag Manager is an essential skill of any technical digital marketer or analyst. This course will make you effective at using Google Tag Manager to increase your analytics powers at your company.

If you’re on a small team, you’ll be a hero. If you’re a marketer or an analyst at a larger organization, the value you bring to your role will drastically increase.

Instructor: Chris Mercer

Google Analytics Master Course

In this 4-week live course, you'll learn the Strategies and Approaches for Data-Driven Optimization Decisions with Google Analytics.

This is the strategic and practical training you need to make better decisions with data from the world’s most popular digital analytics tool.

What do you see when you open Google Analytics? Most marketers just see data they’re not sure what to do with. They struggle to find the insights they need to solve real business problems and run smarter A/B tests. This live screensharing training program will show you how to dig for those insights and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Instructor: Yehoshua Coren

Ecommerce Growth Masterclass

Double your ecommerce business in one year. Get a strategic framework that has worked to grow countless ecommerce businesses.

  • A three-lever framework for doubling your business in one year
  • A knowledge of the two acquisition channels that have driven all of Shopify’s biggest stores - Instagram and Facebook - and best practices for building funnels in each.
  • Why Amazon attributes one third of its revenue to cross-selling and up-selling and how to steal their campaigns for your own business
  • The most profitable lifecycle marketing campaigns that maximize customer LTV and are used by only 1% of all ecommerce retailers.
  • Complete templates, implementation instructions, and checklists to install this framework at your own business

Instructor: Drew Sanocki

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Live Course: Customer Acquisition

Most marketers struggle with getting enough relevant traffic to their sites. This program will help you develop in-depth customer acquisition skills. It also happens to be one of the most marketable skills a marketer can have.

This exclusive 8-week, 16 live class master course will teach you how to....

  • Go from no plan to a robust 12-month customer acquisition strategy.
  • Build a search marketing acquisition machine that only gets better with time.
  • Achieve top rankings on Google in less time and with less effort.
  • Optimize paid search to acquire customers cheaper than competitors.
  • Convert more customers when they land on your site.

Instructors: Dan Shure & Jonathan Dane

Live Course: Product Messaging & Sales Page Copywriting

Once you complete this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Discover compelling product messages
  • Craft irresistible value propositions that boost conversions
  • Apply a persuasive flow & narrative to your core messages
  • Transform raw messages into powerfully convincing copy
  • Format your landing page copy for optimal engagement

All in all, this course is going to make you a lot of money.

Instructor: Momoko Price

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