CRO Training for Agencies [Online Course]

CRO agency masterclass

Build, manage, and scale your CRO services

This master course for CRO agencies and consultants is a hands-on and practical training program taught by the person most qualified to do so: conversion optimization legend Craig Sullivan.

In this course you will learn:

  • Everything you need to know to build, manage, and scale a CRO program.
  • Tips, tricks, and strategies for building teams - hiring, firing, managing, training, and scaling.
  • Client management and how to deliver sustained and long term value.

...and so much more.

Craig Sullivan,
Optimization expert


This course is right for you if you are...

  • A CRO practitioner or freelancer
  • Starting or currently running a CRO agency
  • Expanding your agency to add CRO services
  • Building and hiring a CRO team from scratch
  • Providing CRO services inside a large company

    This course is probably not for you if you’re mainly doing in-house conversion optimization, or if you’ve been doing it for 5+ years.


    Running a CRO agency is really hard

    Whether you’re a freelance consultant picking up your first client or you’re at a large agency with hundreds of employees and many clients, the above statement stands true: it’s hard to run a CRO agency.

    There are so many moving pieces in running a services business. You have to gather leads, close deals, manage clients, hire talent, choose the right tools and techniques, as well as communicate the results of your work effectively (while producing amazing work, of course).

    If you currently offer conversion optimization services or if you plan to in the future, this class will help you build a sustainable business while mitigating the number of mistakes you make.

    Learn to close more and bigger clients

    When you’re selling agency services, no matter how you productize your offering, you’re still selling time. The fact is that it just makes so much more sense to work with bigger clients.

    • Time spent with any client is pretty much the same, but big companies can afford to pay a lot more
    • You increase their revenue by 1%. If their annual revenue is 500 million, that’s many Ferraris. If their annual revenue is $100,000 and you get a 1% bump, they fire you and tell everyone how much you suck.

    This course will show you how to attract the right clients, win them over and close big deals.

    This 4 week course will equip you with not only the toolset and knowledge but with the confidence to grow your business by leaps and bounds. The ROI on this course will be incredibly evident: whether you charge more or scale your quantity of clients, you’ll have an exponential return on this investment.

    After this program, you’ll have a step-by-step plan with proven sales and marketing templates and processes for growing your business the way you want to, whatever pace that is. You’ll have a deeper understanding of client psychology, how to close big deals, and how to choose clients you actually want to work with.

    Delight current clients with deeper expertise and process

    Keeping and managing clients can sometimes go unnoticed when you think about agency health, but managing clients is often the hardest and most important part of the process.

    Better client management lets you focus on coming up with better solutions and getting better work done, and it also leads to longer working relationships (meaning more revenue for your agency and better referrals down the line).

    After this 4 week program, your clients will be thrilled with your new knowledge and skills, and they’ll be delighted that you’re better able to drive results and communicate that value to them clearly.

    In addition, this course will teach you a better and more repeatable process for client meetings and account management, so that your junior employees can quickly begin to interact autonomously with clients, removing the need for senior supervision.

    Learn from the master: Copy Craig’s every process

    There are a whole lot of people out there who say they know what they’re doing, but not many actually do. Craig has been in the game longer than most, a true OG of optimization. If there’s anyone to listen to in this field, it’s Craig Sullivan.

    His advice isn’t to be taken lightly - he learned through 12 years of victories and defeats, trial and error, and from working with a dizzying variety of clients.

    As Otto Von Bismark so bluntly put it, “Fools say that they learn by experience. I prefer to profit by others’ experience.”

    Craig is one of the few who does conversion right - and can walk you through the process from soup to nuts.

    Optimize your own optimization services

    When you’re a practitioner - a consultant, individual contributor, or agency head - it’s common to focus on the work without focusing on steering your business in a strategic direction. “The cobbler’s children have no shoes,” as they say.

    It’s easy to fall into this trap; we love the work, so we let the other chips fall where they may.

    However, that’s no approach to take if you truly want to grow a winning digital agency.

    This course will teach you to processize all of that stuff you usually cast aside: marketing your business, positioning your offer within the market, managing the entire client lifecycle, hiring a team, managing a team, scaling a team, and what tools and methodologies you need to master to stay on top.

    At the end of this course, your agency will be a well-oiled machine, uniquely prepared to lead the field in the next decade of offering digital optimization services.

    Be confident in your ability to close deals and get results

    CXL Institute brings you an intensive online training course led by world renowned conversion optimization expert, Craig Sullivan.

    After this course, you’ll be able to:

    • Position and pitch your offer (and avoiding being a “me-too agency”).
    • Hire a high-functioning team of both outsourced and insourced talent.
    • Manage clients. Keep happy clients longer and get rid of the bad ones.
    • Lead client meetings that actually provide value for both parties.
    • Manage company resources and politics to push through more action and get things done.
    • Set your agency or consulting practice up for long-term success.

    Why Craig?

    Craig has been blending UX, Analytics, Split testing, Voice of Customer and Conversion Optimisation techniques for over 15 years. He's also been building various teams, launching products and hacking the growth of websites for companies like Google, LOVEFiLM, Lego, John Lewis, eBay, The FT and more. Using a mixture of design thinking, lean, agile, analytics and AB testing - he's helped coach clients to grow by £2Bn in new revenue streams within the last 5 years.

    Your class schedule

    CRO Agency Masterclass

    Class 1

    Fundamentals of CRO

    This class covers the fundamentals of packaging and selling CRO as a service. It will cover your product offering breakdown, competitive landscape and advantages, eating your own dogfood, and why CRO goes wrong. It will also provide a glimpse at where the CRO space will move in the future.

    Class 2

    Building a Team and Pitching Clients

    The team is everything. This class will cover key roles, whether to hire specialists or generalists, lean team methodologies, and whether to insource or outsource your team. It will also dive into the research necessary to pitch and win clients, as well as selecting and managing clients.

    Class 3

    Operational Methodologies of CRO Agencies

    This class goes over the specific value of your approach to optimization and selling your services. Specifically, it will discuss how to sell “your thing,” the value of intellectual property, different operational methodologies, and how to design your own.

    Class 4

    CRO Tools and the Psychology of Selling

    There are many tools out there - which ones should agencies use and why? The bulk of this class is devoted to answering this question. We’ll also go into using CRO tactics in your pricing and packaging deals, as well as understanding the mind of the client, so you can win bigger and better deals.

    Class 5

    All About the Kickoff Meeting

    This class will cover the crucial first kickoff meeting: preparation, pre-meeting, during meeting, post-meeting, and critical kickoff actions.

    Class 6

    Audits and Setting up the Pieces to Win

    This class will give you a tactical and specific pre-flight checklist. It will cover the top questions to get the ball rolling, developer relations, key actors involved, and priority of questions to answer. In addition, you’ll have the template for an analytics audit and a technical audit.

    Class 7

    Setting up the CRO Process

    This class will cover three primary areas related to optimizing the actual CRO process: opportunity identification, triangulation and triage, and prioritization. By the end of this class you’ll know key approaches for finding optimization opportunities, modelling, tools to use, qualitative and quantitative research approaches, and the hard work of planning and prioritization.

    Class 8

    Running Tests and Iterating

    This class will take a deep dive into running experiments. It will including the operational and running requirements as well as test QA, monitoring, washup, and iteration. Finally, it will cover testing cycles and communication.

    Class 9

    Optimizing the Optimization Process

    This class will dive into key client meeting strategies and how to run your program at high efficiency while managing clients smoothly. That includes internal PR, what to share, who should be in meetings, and what questions to ask. You’ll also get reporting templates. Finally, we’ll go into archiving and managing test results, iterative testing approach, and continuously tweaking your own approach to the work.

    Class 10

    Bonus Class

    Craig will discuss the AB testing cycle, key meetings with clients and some cultural tips you can try out

    Class 11

    Another Bonus Class

    Analytics genius Charles Meaden co-hosts with Craig, performing a live tag walkthrough & modeling exercise on a real site.

    You will also get pre-recorded video lessons to prepare you

    In addition to classes, you’ll get access to snack-size video lessons to bring you up to speed on the course topics. Topics covered include:

    In this lesson, Craig divulges the 4 most costly mistakes he’s noticed to be a pattern in agencies building a CRO program. He’ll also give a foundational perspective into what it’s like to do CRO professionally, the future of the market, and what challenges you can expect to face.

    In this lesson, Craig sets the stage for how the live classes will approach building out your toolkit. Then he’ll address the quandary of how agencies can differentiate themselves from their competitors if they’re all following the same procedures and armed with the same tools. craig explains how the live classes will help your agency to effectively develop and define their procedures and offers.

    Craig highlights the vital components for a successful team, workflow, and agency in this video. He emphasizes the importance of staying ahead of the competition, and how hiring the right team members with the right skillset will do just that.

    In this video, Craig talks about the process of beginning testing. He emphasizes the necessity of prioritizing test ideas, and the value of building a methodology instead of using a pre-made, “off the shelf” method for testing.

    How do you decide which tools to use, and when to use them? In this short video, Craig emphasizes the importance of carefully selecting toolkits, and how to match toolkit selections with the client’s requirements.

    The rise of machine learning is currently one of the tech industry’s hottest topics. So, will the robots take over? According to Craig, no. In fact, machine learning should only make CRO better, faster, and stronger.

    What fosters a “successful” CRO agency? In this video, Craig lists several defining features of competent, efficient agencies.

    From failing to make valid hypotheses to setting unrealistic expectations for the client, this prerequisite video introduces the common mistakes Craig sees at the CRO agency level (to be explored in more depth during the live class).


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