Form Optimization [Online Course]

Form optimization:

Build and optimize forms for greater UX and more conversions

This in-depth course will teach you about how to design forms that are easy to complete and have sky-high conversion rates. Avoid common pitfalls and ensure your forms have the highest conversion rates possible.

In this 3-class training program, you'll learn to:

  • Design high performing forms.
  • Learn from user feedback and optimize based on user interaction.
  • Recover buckets of revenue and decrease cart abandonment.
  • Design for mobile, usability, accessibility, and improved user experience.

Tom New,
Co-founder @ Formisimo


This course is right for you if…

  • You have a website that uses forms to generate leads, sales, registrations, or subscribers.
  • You’re dissatisfied with the conversion rate of those forms. You think they could perform better.
  • You have the resources to make changes to your forms.

This course is not for you if...

  • Your website doesn’t generate leads or revenue for you. You don’t use forms.
  • You cannot make changes to your site or work with resources to do so (even if you want to!)

Optimize closest to the money
(or why you should care about forms)

At the bottom of almost every website experience lies a web form.

Web forms are used to convert visitors into subscribers, leads, customers, or advocates. They represent the closest element to the conversions - they’re already ready to fill out their information. Yet for some reason, research shows that almost 70% of people don’t complete online forms.

What would it mean for your business if you could recover just 5% of those conversions? 10%? Depending on your conversion value, that’s a whole lot of ROI for what amounts to be a surprisingly little amount of work.

Pick the low hanging fruit

You see, most forms are so bad that you don’t even need to implement advanced targeting, behavioral science, or any other psychological trickery to get a conversion lift. You simply need to make the form easier to fill out.

Forms are one of the most consistently ill-designed elements on a website, yet most marketers still neglect them. Now, the smart marketer would look at form optimization as a value investment - for very little work, we can achieve clear conversion and revenue lifts.

If ROI is something you’re after, you’ll get a lot from this course.

Form optimization: Recover lost money

A simple funnel analysis will show you that a significant percentage of your users are dropping off when it comes to form completion. What would it mean to you if you could recover even a small percentage of them?

In the case of Pink Gellac, the answer to that question turned out to be a resounding “a lot.”

By making simple changes to their checkout process - things that don’t require weeks of development work or management deliberation - they reduced cart abandonments by 14%. In terms of revenue, that translated to an increase of €5 million over 12 months.

Small changes, big results.

Form design is also eminently teachable. It’s not something that you need a background in data science, engineering, or behavioral science to do right. Simply put in the time, learn the guidelines and processes, and be ready to impress your boss or stakeholders with higher form completion rates, conversion rates, and revenue gains.

In just 3 sessions, you’ll be able to …

  • Make quick improvements to your online forms and checkouts that will lead to higher conversions.
  • Have a greater understanding of where and why users struggle to complete forms, including common mistakes you can avoid.
  • Have dozens of ideas to go away and A/B test.

About your instructor:
Tom New

In 2014 Tom New, along with his business partner Al Mackin, launched Formisimo, a SaaS analytics platform that uses behavioral data to provide market-leading insights into people's online shopping habits, and in particular how people interact with online forms and checkouts.

Clients include Capital One, DFS, Travelex, Uber, Toyota, Samsung and Unicef and they recently launched their second product, Nudgr, which uses machine learning to predict ahead of time when website visitors are going to abandon a buying journey.

Formisimo is based at MediaCity, Manchester, and has been through the Seedcamp accelerator, raised two rounds of funding and won numerous awards.

Why we hand-selected Tom to teach this course

We're an evidence-driven organization, but Formisimo is giving us actionable insights into a critical part of our conversion funnel like we've not been getting before from any other analytics tool. We're using the insights to make our booking process and conversion rates the best they've ever been.

Dan Cohen, Product Director @ Secret Escapes

Formisimo is a great product that has helped us better understand user behavior in the registration and checkout stages of our online journey. We found that the insight matched and complemented the results we get in our testing labs, validating the data. It’s easy to use, and has an impact on both our customer happiness and sales volumes.

Cutting edge innovations like Formisimo and our UX lab help us get closer to our customers and take even more of the guesswork out of online retail. Using data to inform our site design and experience helps us deliver a far more intuitive shopping experience.

Sam Barton, Head of User Experience @ Shop Direct

If you have forms, you need to analyze their performance. Formisimo does a very good job at providing in-depth information that really helps with optimization efforts. Useful data, simple interface. It is form analytics that actually works, especially when compared to some mouse tracking tools that have form analytics as one of many features.

Peep Laja, Founder @ CXL

Your course curriculum

Form Optimization

Class 1

Form Design Basics and Best Practices

This class will cover form design basics such as layout design, labels, help text, navigation, and calls to action. After this class is finished, you will have a baseline knowledge of web form optimization that surprises 95% of people who create forms online.

Topics covered:

  • Layout design - What should your form look like? Multi-step vs. single page?
  • Labels, help text, and microcopy
  • Navigation and Calls to Action

Class 2

Dealing with User Inputs

This class will dive deep into user interaction and how to design based on usability and accessibility. We’ll also dive deep on mobile form optimization, something almost all marketers struggle with.

Topics covered:

  • Form validation, error messages, and user corrections
  • Usability, UX, and accessibility
  • Designing for mobile

Class 3

Real Life Form Optimization: An Interactive Workshop

In this session, we’ll step away from theory and show you specifically and concretely how to execute form design best practices and optimization in real life. To do that, we’ll review three live sites and critique where they’re going wrong, what they could improve on, and also what they’re doing well.

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