Fundamentals of persuasive websites: live course

Fundamentals of persuasive websites: live course

Designing and running websites can be incredibly frustrating. You see a large number of users visiting your site, and yet, so few of them take action. It's maddening!

This introductory course will teach you how to understand better the ways users think and leverage that to encourage them to complete your calls to action.

Note: this is not a design course. It’s a website strategy course - what should go on your website.

After just 4 sessions, you'll be able to

  • Understand psychology and how it influences our decisions.
  • Elicit trust through your website.
  • Build a user interface that persuades users to take action.
  • Write compelling copy.
  • Evaluate an existing webpage and identify ways it could be more persuasive.
  • Create compelling calls to action.

This live course starts on Monday, January 22nd, 2018.

Paul Boag, Founder @ Boagworks Ltd


This course is right for you if...

  • You run or build e-commerce sites and are looking to raise your conversion rate and average order value
  • You have landing pages that are failing to convert.
  • You would like to increase the number of people signing up to your newsletter.
  • You are keen to see your website generate more quality leads.

In fact, this course is for anybody who wants to encourage users to take specific actions when visiting your site!

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You already have extensive experience in sales and marketing techniques.
  • You are looking for quick fix persuasion techniques, no matter its impact on customer satisfaction.
  • You are not interested in building long term relationships with your clients.
  • You are unwilling to consider improvements that extend beyond changes to the user interface.


This class will give you all the tools and techniques... need to understand what motivates your users, and how to turn that into specific changes you can make to your site.

These changes will allow you to motivate users into action, without alienating them in the process. By adopting this kind of ethical approach to persuasion, you can increase conversion, while also encouraging repeat business and word of mouth recommendation.

But most of all, you'll learn to avoid investing heavily in your site only to see disappointing results.


About your instructor:
Paul Boag

Paul is a leader in digital strategy and user experience design. He has been working with organisations such as Centrica, Shell and Doctors Without Borders for over 20 years. Through consultancy and training, he helps businesses make better use of digital technologies. He helps them engage with today’s connected consumers.

Paul is also a well-respected figure in the digital sector. Author of five books including Digital Adaptation and User Experience Revolution. He also writes for industry publications including Smashing Magazine, Sitepoint and Net Magazine.

Finally, Paul speaks around the world on user experience design and digital transformation. Alongside speaking, he also hosts the award-winning user experience podcast over at


Why we hand-selected Paul to teach this course


Paul has superior abilities in communications and of understanding the user experience, in addition to excellent technical web design skills. He has a deep understanding of the way in which organizations are structured and therefore is able to provide the best possible solutions.

Andrew Mcconell, Information Officer @ University of Glasgow

I only wish I’d worked with him earlier in my career. His ability to understand and break down problems and offer advice, drawing on his many years of experience is unrivaled.

Richard Hirst, Head of Web @ Queen Mary’s University



In just 4 sessions, you’ll be able to:

  • Adopt an approach to persuasion that doesn’t resort to manipulation and alienating potential customers.
  • Apply the psychology of human thinking to improve your conversion rate.
  • Write compelling copy that engages with users and encourages them to act.
  • Craft calls to action that users feel compelled to click.

Your 2-week live class schedule:

Each live class is 50-60 minutes, Mondays and Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m. CST. Folks in Europe can tune in in the evenings.

Class recordings and resources are available indefinitely. Live attendees have the additional opportunity to take part in Q&A.

Everyone will have access to the forum where Paul will answer your questions and provide feedback during the time that the course is live. The group will be archived after the course ends.

Fundamentals of persuasive websites

Class 1

How to approach persuasion the right way

There are compelling techniques available to us with which we can persuade users to act. However, using these methods are not without their dangers. Use them unwisely, and you can alienate users and damage your brand. In this session, you look at how to approach persuasion in the right way.

Class 2

Mastering the psychology behind being more persuasive

To persuade people to act you first need to understand their motivation. In this second session, you will learn how people think with an introduction to human psychology.

Class 3

The secrets that will enable you write more persuasive copy

Compelling copy is often the key to persuasion, yet most online copy is uninspiring and does not resonate with the audience. In this session, you will discover how to write compelling copy that motivates people to take action.

Class 4

Make your calls to action more clickable

Too often calls to action are overlooked damaging conversion rates. In this session, you will be taught the design principles that will ensure users spot your calls to action and how to make them compelling.

You will also get introductory video lessons

In addition to classes, you’ll get access to snack-sized video lessons to bring you up to speed on the course topics.

1. How to not track too much & only the right stuff

2. How to make sure you pass data into all the tools at once

3. Different tools you can use

4. How to build an analytics spec

5. Events template for building events

6. Creating Properties for each user

7. Creating People Properties, Identities, and Traits for each user

9. Building a funnel/report without a developer

10. How to become Data-driven in all the things you do


Show Off Your New Skills: Get a Certificate of Completion

Once the course is over, pass a test to get CXL certified in the fundamentals of persuasive websites.

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Why you'll learn more from live classes

In short: You'll actually make time for learning.

Most people don't ever complete self-study courses. It's difficult to prioritize learning over urgent items on your to-do list. (Hey, we’re all busy.)

How do we know?

  • A 2015 study shows that the current average completion rate for MOOCs (Coursera, edX, Udacity) is approximately 15%. So 85% drop-off rate. The course that received a Coursera award for having the highest completion rate — wait for it — had a rate of 20%!
  • Seth Godin reported that his courses on Udemy and Skillshare have an 80% drop-off rate.
  • We've run self-study courses for years, and our numbers confirm this

Around 60% of our users attend every single live class, the rest watch recordings (due to time zone differences, etc). With an 60+ NPS score, our users rank CXL institute courses exceptionally high.

Our #1 goal is customer success... That you actually master this stuff. We're confident that this live class format, bolstered with community, will do it.


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You'll get...

  • 4 live classes with Paul and your peers.
  • Introductory video lessons to bring you up to speed.
  • Live Q&A and forum to get personalized feedback from Paul and classmates.

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