Google Analytics Training [Online Course]

Google Analytics for experienced marketers

This is an in-depth online training program for people who use Google Analytics on a daily basis, and want to level up in their digital analytics skills and knowledge.

Get all 8 classes for this masterclass and learn:

  • the ins and outs of Google Analytics; how data is collected, prepared, and analyzed.
  • how to customize everything about Google Analytics to go beyond the surface of the platform and find more relevant insights.
  • how to analyze the performance and ROI of SEO, PPC, social media, and email.

Yehoshua Coren,
Analytics and tag management expert


Are you struggling to make your Google Analytics data actionable? You’re not alone

You know that your Google Analytics reports are full of insights, if only because Google Analytics itself promises to help you turn “insights into action.”

The problem? All you see when you open it up is raw data. Where are the insights telling you how to solve your most challenging business problems?

The truth? You have a ton of insights waiting for you in Google Analytics…the trick is simply knowing where to look and what to make of it.

Gain the skill businesses are desperate for

If you’re in marketing consulting, you might know how much demand there is for analytics services. It’s a vastly underserved market - there’s huge demand and not enough supply of analytics expertise.

Year after year, survey after survey, company executives are saying what they value in marketers is knowing how to use digital analytics more effectively.

90% of Google Analytics configurations are broken

Do you trust your data? Do you deeply understand what your data means, how it is collected, and what you can answer with it?

Most websites are not measuring everything that needs to be measured, and the data they are collecting isn’t reliable. Data-driven decisions aren’t worth a thing if the data can’t be trusted.

Are you able to conduct a health check on a Google Analytics setup? You will be after this course!

Learn to analyze, not just look at reports

Another is that marketers are opening up basic reports, scanning the numbers and reporting them to their boss. They’re not, well, analyzing.

The real art and skill is in interpreting what’s in the data. Data itself is passive and won’t tell you anything - it’s a skill you need to develop.

This course will show you how to make sense of the data. You will learn how to extract insights from the data to solve specific business problems, like finding conversion optimization opportunities using Google Analytics.

You’ve been digging for insights in the wrong places

You can, however, learn the processes that will help you dig for those conversion insights in the right places. The result? Smarter A/B tests, more granular campaign tracking and attribution, and the ability find informed solutions to your top business problems, like improving internal search and merchandising.

This in-depth Google Analytics course will take you through the entire process.

From the analytics audit and traffic analysis all the way through to identifying conversion opportunities and solving business problems, you’ll have one of the best analysts in the industry breaking it down step-by-step into a process you can repeat over and over again.

Analysis > Reporting, Insights > Data

You will be amazed by the insights hiding below the surface of your Google Analytics reports.

Anyone can open it up and report the results. You’ll learn to analyze the data and extract insights most marketers don’t even know are there.

This course is right for you if …

  • You’re a marketer who wants to improve their Google Analytics skills.
  • You think you know how to use Google Analytics (hint: You probably don’t)
  • You find yourself overwhelmed when you log into Google Analytics and surf through the reports
  • You manage spend on paid search or social media platforms to drive traffic to your site
  • You are a business owner who wants to improve their bottom line
  • You want to gain marketable business skills (over 30 million websites use Google Analytics).

This course is probably not for you if you work as a full-time digital analytics pro with more than 18 months of experience.

Gain the Google Analytics skills you need to go from a good marketer to a great marketer

CXL Institute brings you an intensive online training course led by world-renowned Google Analytics expert, Yehoshua Coren.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to

  • Use a framework to define what success looks like for your unique business.
  • Understand the full Google Analytics platform, functionality, and reports.
  • Make data-driven decisions about your performance marketing budget and resources.
  • Segment your data to uncover behavioral intent (i.e. understand your visitors).
  • Find the areas of your site that are leaking money.
  • Make (quantitative) data-driven testing decisions to plug those leaks.
  • Solve major business problems with data instead of best practices and gut feelings.


About your instructor, Yehoshua Coren

Yehoshua Coren, also known as the Analytics Ninja, is a master of both Google Analytics implementation and analysis; taking deep dives into GA data to reveal actionable insights.

While Yehoshua’s primary area of expertise is web analytics, he is a savvy and accomplished SEM specialist, utilizing a range of online marketing tools, technical knowledge, and insight to improve ROI.

Yehoshua leverages Google Analytics in all of his online marketing activities. PPC campaigns, SEO, conversion rate optimization and social media marketing are all improved by his web analytics based methodology. His holistic approach to online marketing makes him a great choice for any company looking to improve their bottom line.

What students have to say about this course:

I immediately implemented goals that would allow me to segment the audience by whether or not they logged in. That paid off a month later when we began discussions about an AdWords campaign, and we had the audience defined.

Mickey Hadick, Webmaster and Content Strategist @ AF Group

“His in-depth understanding of Google Analytics proved to be invaluable. He provided expertise on all areas: events, custom variables, virtual pageviews, site search, segmentation, filters, subdomain tracking, third party domain tracking, general set up, and more.”

Erika Murtha, former Quantitative Marketing Business Analyst @ Zagat

“As you might expect from someone who calls himself a ‘ninja’, he’s a master at what he does. His understanding of Google Analytics runs incredibly deep, yet he has the unique skill of making that knowledge accessible to the uninitiated.”

Michael Auzenne, Co-Founder @ Manager Tools

“Analytics Ninja has helped us identify valuable new opportunities and eliminate unproductive advertising channels. I have been very pleased with the tenacity and professionalism he has brought to our campaigns. I hope to remain a client for a long time to come.”

David Mason, CEO @ Tail of the Lion, Inc.

“In a single word, Yehoshua is phenomenal. We first worked together while I was VP Marketing at Savored, when he helped us to configure our Google Analytics in a capacity that was literally game-changing to our understanding of our product efficiency as well as our business.”

Cassie Lancellotti-Young, Former VP Marketing @ Savored

Google Analytics Master Course

Class 1

Introduction to digital analytics & Google Analytics

This class will cover digital measurement theory (the why) and how Google Analytics works. You’ll learn about Google Analytics limits / quotas, how to get around sampling limitations, etc.

Class 2

Functionality and key reports

You’ll go over the standard reports in Google Analytics as well as basic functionality like applying advanced filters and data visualization. Yehoshua will show you how to pair the two to find deeper insights.

Class 3

Defining what success looks like for your business

Measurement frameworks, goal configuration, funnels… everything you need to define success and then track your progress towards it.

Class 4

Customizing your Google Analytics setup

In this class, you’ll learn how to create the perfect Google Analytics configuration for your business using event tracking, custom dimensions, etc. Plus, you’ll get an introduction to Google Tag Manager.

Class 5

Google Analytics admin configuration & data quality

To ensure high data quality, you’ll need to use filters, channel groups and campaign tagging (digital vs. offline) to preserve data integrity. Yehoshua walks you through it step-by-step.

Class 6

Performance marketing with Google Analytics

Are you spending your time and money wisely when it comes to performance marketing channels (SEO, paid search, social media, email)? Find out in this class.

Class 7

Advanced Google Analytics functionality & reports

Multi-channel funnels, attribution and segmentation can be some of the most difficult elements of Google Analytics. You’ll learn how to master them as well as secondary dimensions, technical reports, etc.

Class 8

Solving business problems with Google Analytics

Finding technical issues, improving internal search results, knowing which articles to promote on social media, merchandising… Google Analytics can help you solve each of these issues (and a lot more).

You will also get 10 snack-size video lessons

In addition to in-depth classes, you’ll get access to short self-study video lessons on the fundamentals of Google Analytics. Topics covered include:

Before taking the plunge into the multi-faceted world of tracking your data digitally, it’s important to understand why and what you hope to accomplish. This short lesson sets the frame for our objectives in the upcoming weeks.

Yehoshua explains the importance of premeditation when it comes to setting up your analytics goals, and offers advice on how to approach your strategic business questions.

Every company’s KPIs will vary depend on their business objectives. In this video, Yehoshua will demonstrate this with a few examples of different scenarios and which metrics would (and wouldn’t) be ideal for them to pay attention to.

Having a firm understanding of issues that can arise from your data quality is a vital piece in your analytics toolkit.  This should be the lens of skepticism through which you analyze your data. In this lesson, Yehoshua will explain some common data quality issues and which underlying problems are often responsible.

GA’s dependence on averages means we need to focus a bit on outliers and understanding how to segment for them. In this lesson, Yehoshua explains the theory of outliers and presents a simple example showing how it can affect your data interpretations.

Understanding how GA samples data is crucial to analyzing and auditing your data. In this lesson, Yehoshua will explain the different thresholds for sampling in GA and how segment size and overall traffic work together to affect the quality of your data.

This lesson distinguishes Client IDs from User IDs and explains the specific ways each one can contribute to understanding your specific user’s journey through your site. You will learn the capabilities and inadequacies of each function, how they overlap, and what they look like in GA.

Within the reporting of GA, you will be able to identify areas of friction on your site. Yehoshua will demonstrate with an ecommerce example in which he used GA to identify a major problem in the checkout stage.

Although dimensions and metrics seem like fairly simple concepts, users of GA often mix them up. In this lesson, Yehoshua will explain the root cause of this confusion, distinguish them clearly, and introduce customization.


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